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May 19, 2009


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"He immediately stripped her, bent her in half, and pointed her at the cat.


OMG, I damn near wet myself over that one. ROFLMAO

Darling Daughter, an independent young woman who takes no shite from no one, also collects Barbies. And yes, she has one as Scarlett O'Hara, although I think to date the most expensive doll in her collection is the Barbie dressed as the Statue of Liberty - the dress was designed especially for Barbie by Bob Mackie.

I never wanted to know that, you know.

We'll go into her Care Bear obsession some other time.

The Statue of Liberty? Really??
I have so much to look forward to...
Thanks for stopping by.

I held off on Barbies for 5 years. Then my wicked sister gave one to my daughter. I agonized. Finally my daughter came to me. "Mommy. I don't want to BE Barbie I just want to play with her." All right then. And my daughter's games involved tying Barbie up and hanging her from the TV stand and then rescuing her. So there you go.

I feel a lot better. Our kids are too funny. Thanks for making me laugh.

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