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May 09, 2009


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First, thanks for stopping by my blog.
Although I described myself as a "cougar," it was meant more tongue-in-cheek than anything. I hate the word too.
You live in one of my favorite places that I've visited. The Vineyard and Nantucket. I would love to hear the story as to how & why you went from being a Jersey Girl (although once a JG, always) to a Vineyard resident.

Hi there! First a quick thank you for coming by Twists and following my story.
I'm sure since you said you've been following silently for a while you read my post about me and my fellow "cougars". We're a small group of 4 friends of reasonably the same 40ish age but in various stages of relationships. I'm the married one - to a wonderful man 1 year younger. Next is Nichelle, not married but in a long-term loving relationship and expecting a child, then Ruth Ann divorced and dating one man, and then Sherri, who looks 30 and is dating a 30something fella. She actually likes being called a cougar because after a marriage that ended badly it's only her second relationship and she is totally blown away.
I don't think any of us are using this term disparagingly. None of us are offended by it and would hope that our playfulness with the word wouldn't offend anyone either.
These are my girls and they are a huge part of my support system and recovery!

I hope to see you again on Twists and will visit you here again as well.

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