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June 29, 2009


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We called them fireflies. When we would spend summers in New Jersey we lived to chase them as dusk fell. No such thing in California. About one of the few strikes against the state IMO.

San Diego is known for its June Gloom and May Gray, but they always burn off inland by 9ish. Not this year. We've had one day (yesterday) that felt like summer. Today? Thunderstorms. Climate change what?

Even though we've had weeks of heat here, summer only really feels like summer for me when I hear the secadas. They arrived today....I love them...but not the heat.

I love fireflies! Your post brought back memories of visiting my grandparents in southern Indiana, where fireflies literally flocked to their yard -- which was a field behind the house. There were more fireflies in Indiana than there were back in Michigan, where I grew up, so seeing fireflies was a highlight of my childhood visits.

Recently, though, I spotted fireflies on the west side of Michigan, near Lake Michigan, where we now have a summer home. It is such a summer thrill to see them again. Thanks for the reminder.

Full on hot humid summer over here. Yesterday the beach shower was colder than the ocean.

I've never seen a firefly. We don't have them here. I need someone to mail me a jar of them or something. I feel deprived ...

Hey, I think we were firefly looking the same night! Bruce yelled "They're here!" and we stood outside in the dark watching them light up all around us. Summer is indeed here.

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