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June 25, 2009


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How sweet. I have a total soft spot for old men. Really, they bring tears to my eyes. I volunteered for Meals on Wheels for a year or two and it was amazing how much those people relished the company of a visitor even for just a few minutes. Bill is lucky to have you - and, of course he should drink his bourbon. At his age he deserves whatever he wants!

What a great gig. My mom worked as a CNA for 30 years and has all kinds of stories. I think she would have loved this job.

Aw. Lovely. I can just see Bill. And his hands.

Oh, that's so sweet. Do you do this every night?

Your writing is lovely. You have a new fan.

How wonderful. I visited an elderly woman, Rebecca, who became a dear, dear friend, for years.

I know just what you mean by the hand grasps and remembered youth.

Also? The authentic whaling harpoon and Abraham Lincoln document made me drool. I love being surrounded by history in all its forms. awesome.
That is perhaps the coolest night out ever. I think that spending time in that manner, job or not, not only gives this elderly gentleman the respect and companionship that ANY elderly deserves, but in the future...these are going to be moments that you rememver for your lifetime.

Kudos to you my friend. You just went up about 4 notches in my totem pole.

People should treat ALL elders with such dignity. Need a fill in? Let me know, I'll check flights...

I should introduce Bill to John! John LOVES old movies, old music. he had hundreds of movies, at least 1/3 of them old old ones! they'd get along famously. Only problem is John doesn't drink. Not a drop, but he'll have a diet cherry coke while Bill drinks his Bourbon!

Awww...that is one of the sweetest posts I've ever read. Bill is a lucky man. :)

It sounds like the two of you have a mutual admiration society going--who wouldn't want one of those?

You are a mensch. What a sweet post.

That sounds like such a wonderful way to spend the evening. Bill sounds like a wonderful man. I certainly like his taste in movies.

I agree with him - Casablanca is the best movie ever made.

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