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June 18, 2009


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I think it's great that you can jump around from one experience to another. I find as much magic in a person who follows a career for years as I do for people who have all types of jobs from schools to jewelry shops to book stores. I almost wonder if the latter have more to say about their experiences than the former!

I LOVE the library too! What a great place to work!

Hope your daughter's babysitting jobs turn out great. But you've got it pegged...those kiddies will be on her nerves by the end of the summer...I'm just saying...

Hahahaha. Look, I think odd jobs are a great idea. Homogenous straight-line careers are kind of like unicorns, they may exist but I haven't seen too many. But do be careful about the babysitting. My daughter babysat like crazy when she was in high school. And then in college. And now, degree in hand and a job to start on Monday, she says things like, "Maybe I will just have my kids early." Eeek. But I always wanted kids too, so there is always the possibility that desire for children, like hair color, is genetic...

I could never work in a library or a bookstore. It's too tempting to get lost in a book when having to deal with customers. I worked in a bookstore for one summer and quickly realized the customers were too annoying because they were constantly wanting me to ring something up and wouldn't wait until I finished the chapter. Geez..

What bliss. The working in the library and the odd jobs. I find it fascinating fodder. The most interesting people I know try a little bit of everything.

So, what you're basically saying is that you embarrass your daughter because she thinks you're a crazy cat lady?


I would never work in a book store. I did enough damage to my pocketbook by running the book fair at the school. I am helpless in the spell of books.

My own daughter used the 'ALONE' thing on me before as well...and she's 10. God help me later on when she really knows everything! :-)

I love it. You are going to be the sexy librarian...on an island, no less. Sounds like a good gig to me!

And you might even have the capabilities to waive your late fees. Even better.

Hey, now. There's nothing wrong with being a cat lady...

I followed much the same path your daughter is on. No worries. After years of baby sitting, I was "enamored" enough to know I wanted to wait to have all the things the people I was babysitting for had before I had my own kid. You learn more than just changing diapers!

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