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July 03, 2009


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Pictures!! We need pictures, woman! You cannot post about "the" perfect dress, and not post pictures!! :) I had my 30th reunion in 2006... hard to believe that I went to school with those old fogies, while I remain so youthful and such. *cough cough*. Yeah. LOL :) Enjoy your reunion.

Sometimes you just have to spend the money. When you find a dress that makes you feel and look great, it's worth the money.

Life is wouldn't have bought the dress if you couldn't. It's a big reunion and you need to feel fabulous. I hope you will be posting pictures!

Yes, pictures. We MUST have pictures!

Wear it and enjoy it! I'm still thinking about how I'd have to get on a boat just to go shopping. THAT would curb my impulse buys for sure!

I always say you regret what you don't do more than what you do. This applies to clothing as well as more serious stuff, in my experience. Besides sometimes people meet the loves of their lives at high school reunions so you may as well dress for the fairytale, no?

My daughter has done the same thing that you just did. Spent a ridiculous amount of money on a piece of clothing that looked gorgeous on her, fit her perfectly and with my encouragement bought it. Personally, I think you deserve to spluge on occasion. It's good for the soul. I'll bet you will look fantastic and don't feel guilty.

"meet the loves of their lives at high school reunions"

I met my husband at my 20-year college reunion. I was wearing my FABULOUS red shoes.

No, he never noticed them, but I felt great wearing them:

Hey, if the dress fits. . .

You MUST post pictures of your loveliness in that dress. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do and i'm sure you'll make sure you get lots of use out of the beautiful purchase.

I knew Island living had it's downside but having to worry about a ferry reservation - well sounds crazy.

I have heard of people moving from Hawaii because they felt stranded.

Oh - I just read the first part about the logistics - did you get a dress? Check out Lilly's Life - there's always body paint!

Chica...guilt is for sissies!

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