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October 16, 2009


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See, I've always envied the librarians because I've assumed they get to read the new books first. What a great job! To spend all day with books!

I say this as someone who was a spinster until she was 44 and who didn't have cats yet but knew she would eventually become the crazy cat lady on the corner.

Congrats on your full time library position. As for dancing on the tables... one can always do that in their mind. Might be the reason for 'secret' smiles on people's faces...they're far away from the present being crazy and fun. :)

I think you're on to something!

Oooo! I think I will fit the profile. I am a librarian and a widow. I don't have a cat...yet.

Love it!

The AARP thinks you are just fine....

Frankly, I think it's PERFECT for you.

I'll join you on the table.

"Brilliant, Single, Writer/Librarian who loves all animals and dances on tables when the notion strikes?" YES

And I'll join you and Jan on the table.

I love books! LOVE Them. LOVE THEM! I almost always have a book attached to my hands. I don't know if I could be a librarian, b/c you have to be way. too. quiet in a library, but otherwise...

I'm happy for you!

You just snagged my dream job! Congratulations! Have you read "Quiet, Please: Dispatches from a Public Librarian?" You'll have to share with us some of YOUR quirky, insider's stories!

You are flat out wonderful. I always loved the crazy lady down the road with broken windows and too many cats.

And, oh my, AND you live on Martha's Vineyard? Please. When can I move in?

Fantastic gig. My sister is a librarian - we have some family librarian jokes.

I'm sure we all fit a stereotype of some sort. I always have a laugh when people assume something about me and are surprised that I'm not what they think.

How about sexy divorcee who gets turned on by the written word? That makes you sound like a challenge!

I like cougar, but you don't. Oh well..

I've always liked the eccentric librarian lady in my books. She's always led an interesting life and is rather mysterious because everyone whispers but no one really knows much about her. and the cats are cool.

Hubby has been calling me "Crazy-Old-Lady" for years, I think it suits me. I wonder if he would like "Crazy-Old-Man"? LOL

Just wanted to pop in to tell you again how much I love your blog. There’s an award waiting for you at mine!

Now I'm picturing you in a Van Halen Video...

How fantastic for you. Would absolutely love a job like that. Can you post a little video of you dancing on the table? That would be just great!!!!!

Congratulations! Besides, what's wrong with being a spinster? : )

Lucky! Lucky! Lucky! I love the library. If I could do it all over again, I might do that. Being surrounded by all those wonderful books. Heaven!

Sounds good to me.

With your hair down and your gorgeous face, dancing on a table ANYWHERE will take away all spinster-ish thoughts from anyone on the East Coast!'ve had children...I think Madonna is more fitting....

I would LOVE to be a librarian...and I'm about the coolest thing around. No ego here, right?!

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