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October 09, 2009


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Yikes....your hubby is right....I would be more cautious about the rif-raf that his business invites into your neighborhood.
It seems these days that no matter where you live...the pedophiles and drug dealers are there.

What does that tell us....I even hate the fact that the word pedophiles seems to have become a household is a sad world!


Gosh. No good experience to draw on here. Tell the police?

My daughter tried to "do the right thing" by telling the police. But she was told that because it was "hearsay" (a fellow student told her that the neighbor was selling his prescription medications to kids in the neighborhood) there was nothing they could do. I'm glad she decided to do the right thing - I'm frustrated that nothing will come of it.

Oh this sounds like trouble. Maybe you should find out from the police if they know about tis house.

and not all sex offenders are pedophiles.

Are you sure this is not Wisteria Lane?

Call the PD. They probably already know about the house, but that damn thing about actually having to catch dealers dealing makes it harder.

At the very least, the police will patrol more. Ack. I live in a small city, so don't feel that insulated feeling. I'm sure I pass more than a few drug dealers homes on my way to work each day. Sigh.

One time I went on this "registered sex offenders website" and put in my address and it showed that there were RSOs all over the place.

I hope that you don't have any problems with these people. I'm sorry.

As being an ex "riff raff" 20 yrs ago. The customers are the ones to be watchful of, they will do anything necissary to get what they need and I even had some that would boast about things even worse that robbery. I share this with you because I am ashamed of who I was and the things I lowered myself to. I know of the process of drugs and can give you more insight to what to look out for.

look out for high traffic to that house.

look to see if they have cameras on their house, most ppl have A camera for security but a drug dealer will be paranoid and will usually have a lot more than the average person.

If you live in high soiciety, than they probally don't sell out of their house. They would distribute it out to other sellers. If that is the case than, you really don't have to worry as much as the you would with the "riff raff"

I do suggest the locks be changed and alarm set (if you have one) and make sure your windows are secure, but if they are desperate enough that stuff wont matter much.

Try to see if the nieghbor directly across the street will set up a camera (that the community has paid for) pointing at the driveway of the offender. Evidence to the police of high traffic. Set up a neiborhood watch, it works!

change the locks and install a panic room.

(I just watched that last night - hence the brilliant idea...)

You can always take up drugs and become friends with them all....


#1: Call local police. Make sure they're aware.
#2: Befriend neighbors on either side of suspect's home. Have them keep meticulous notes as to any comings & goings. (Altho, maybe they do business elsewhere, in which case there's no drug-fiends stopping in your neighborhood, which would be good)
#3: Last resort? Get an alarm system, or a really big, mean dog.

Wow! That's a little disconcerting for sure. I like Kathryn's ideas above. Do you guys do a neighborhood watch?

On a lighter note, there's an award waiting for you over at "my place".

Do they rent or own? If they're renters, you need to talk to the landlord. First you need to have clear records of why you have these suspicions (cars coming and going, length of visits, etc.)

We were successful in getting a drug dealer--really an old man who'd figured out he could sell his legally gained medical marijuana to teenagers--kicked out of our neighborhood.

Good luck.

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