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October 01, 2009


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This post made me all misty-eyed. I'm always a bit envious of people who have or had a good father. Lucky woman.

Aw, great story. For me it's the sound of sports programs on t.v. My dad is the last person you'd think would watch sports - a bookish, intellectual, introverted college professor. But he would watch ANY sports program, any time of year. He'd put the volume on low and "watch" while he read one of the books he stacked next to his armchair in a giant pile. Evenings and weekends, the sound of a game murmuring on TV was comforting because it meant he was home and all was status quo.

How lovely!
I teared up myself when I pictured your dad discovering you and your injured doll because you knew he would be coming.
My own father is always the one to lock up the house and I would listen for him to set the alarm. That meant the house was closed for the night and everything was secure. Now, I do this in my own house, not able to fall asleep until all doors have been checked and the child is down for the night. You're linked!

I love posts like this. This was so loving. So touching. Beautiful stories like these help give me examples of postive parenting.

Favorite post yet. Lovely, the image of the little girl holding up the doll, knowing someone has come to right the wrong.


Awwwwww! That brought tears to my those memories and traditions! Love that your mom had your precious doll all fixed up by the time you woke up, too. Priceless!

One of my long term goals is to have my children tell stories like this about me. Years from now I want them to remember that their father kept them safe and loved them.

What else is there for a father to do.

Oh, Maureen!
You really know how to tell a story...I don't think I'll ever look at a flashlight the same way. Did you ever ask your dad "why the flashlight"? Do you think HIS dad used one the same way? What great childhood memories....

great story
did you ever get him a flashlight for a gift? It would be special. Your father sounds like a great guy.

I get a little OCD about checking the doors before I retire for the night. Ever since we had a problem with the garage door years ago I double check that at night too. I've seen garage doors wide open at night while driving down a residential street - not safe.

Cute story. I love dads!

I loved this. Teary eyed and all.

Maureen, I have floods of tears streaming down my cheeks as I comment on your posting. How wonderful to have a father like that. How wonderful to have had the security of a father like yours. My constant memory of my father was one of fear, real stifling breath stopping fear. He has passed now but I always did and still love him . . he was my Dad. Hope you'll share more of these memories with us . . I just love them!!! xxx

Great story... thank you for sharing! My dad is awesome too. I can't think of any long-standing traditions like your dad's flashlight - but he always kept us safe. From bears and wolves and cold and all the scary stuff. And he has taught me *so* much over the years. Think I'll make sure to go hug him today!

That is wonderful. I love your Dad and I've never even met him. What a great way to show your family that you care- no presents or empty words. Just taking care of them the best way you know how. Great spin.

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