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November 20, 2009


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I went to Catholic school from Pre-K to Jr. High and then again for college. I found the priests to be much more kind than any of the nuns. The nuns just seemed like bitter dried up old women...and it's been decided several times that I'm going straight to hell.

Making out in a rectory sounds hot! It would be worth a little fire and brimstone!

Oh, you naughty girl you!

I used to work in the rectory, putting the emptied collection envelops in numerical order so they could write down what each parishioner gave each week. We sued to drink coke and eat cookies while doing it. Somehow a group of not-so-good girls started doing the envelopes too and managed to figure out how to open the safe and stole some of the collection money. I was NOT part of that scheme!! Anyway, we were all let go and weren't allowed to envelopes any more. I was bummed. I really liked those cookies!

Oh, I've already got my handbasket all staked out.

We weren't Catholic, just plain ol' garden-variety Protestants, but I dated a boy my senior year of high school who was quite involved in our church - he coached the volleyball and softball teams and practically ran Vacation Bible School single-handedly. We also spent time in some of the darker corners of the church.

Boy, that just brought back a *huge* boatload of memories that I hadn't thought about in a very loooong time.

great story!

Making out in a rectory? Catholic kids have all the fun...

This was just a great read, all the way around. I'm not Catholic (grew up in an non-denominational Bible Church) but my second ex husband was, and Zach and his family are. Though Zach isn't a practicing Catholic and has issues with the faith itself.

Maybe Matilda was just horny herself and couldn't bear the thought that at 75 years old she'd never been laid?

Leave it to the nice catholic girl to make out in the rectory. I'm pretty sure that's allowed, even if it's frowned upon. Though, if that's the only thing sending you to the fiery depths, you have some more living to do! (insert giggle here)

I was raised Catholic mostly, but refused to go to church! I might have missed out on some adventurous fun!!

I have preacher's son song in my head now...

I still remember my first catholic school crush. I was in the third grade and I don't even think he knew I existed. I sure hated catholic school...

Oh my, you crack me up! I would have never thought of you in that light or dark I should say.

I had many a boyfriend and lots of "making out" sessions, but never in a church. My parents were in there and so was the fear engraved in my mind!

Whoo! I always wondered if making out in a rectory was a sin. I once dragged John into a supply closet when we worked together at American Express and he was so worried we would get caught, the moment was soured. Meh. :-(

Hoo boy, you make me laugh! I think there's something about making out in risky places where there's a higher chance of getting caught that makes it so much better. But I wouldn't know about that. ;o)

I think that anything you do in a rectory is holy!

A friend of mine in high school used to do the same thing, and she had a key to the empty nun's quarters (there has to be a name for this. nunnery?) and she would totally do IT with her boyfriend in there.
I would pray and pray for her soul every night!

I was a total mess about that stuff when I was younger. I seriously thought I was going to hell because I tounge kissed a boy.
Then when I went all the way? I used to swear up and down that I would never do it again, but I always did.

Fast forward 15 years, and I'm married to the guy and have his baby. But I'm still worried sometimes about those years before we tied the knot. For some reason I just can't shake that teenaged guilt.

I'm a hot mess. Seriously.

Maybe I should just get my own blog so I can dump this crap out there...

oh, ps- I always read from my phone on google reader so it's been forevah since I've been to your site. literally like a year. I love it! Did it change or did I just forget what it looked like? I am totally enamoured by simple templates. it's the writing that matters, not all the crap flashing all over the place

Oh this story brings back memories. :-) When I was in 8th grade, my best friend and I arranged a co-ed sleepover for our church youth group. I'm pretty sure that was when my handbasket was reserved...
Great post, Maureen! :-)

Great story! Isn't a make-out session in the rectory a right of passage for any good Catholic? I will be keeping an eye on you... but, not in a "Matilda" sort of way, but in a "I wish I would have thought of that myself" sort of way.

ahhhh those catholic girls! wait? i'm one of those too!

oy. bless me father......

Hah!!! Love the last cheeky, 'Swear to God'. Brilliant!!!! Sounds like the youngsters here. They sneak every opportunity to make out and leave the evidence everywhere, especially in the pineforest a minute from my front door!!!

Great post once again Maureen. Enjoyed every word!!

Happy Saturday to you:-D

God, Maureen! (Pun intended) You just keep getting better and better! Your posts are such a PLEASURE to read!
I always feel like I'm there with you...feeling the same things you felt! I can picture "Antonio" and the sweet priest saying "Body of Christ *Maureen*" (priceless!) and grouchy old un-satisfied Matilda.

All this begs the question: I wonder what "Antonio" is doing these days? I mean, he WAS a good kisser....

Wow! Thanks for shedding a little light on what's going on in the rectories! I wasn't raised Catholic but sounds like I would have fit right in! Thanks for sharing, I wonder what ever happened to poor old uptight Matilda!

a few more years of the dating life I've had and my life will more than resemble Matilda's

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