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November 09, 2009


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I finally felt like a true adult when I finally had a living room that did not contain any particle board shelves or hand-me-down furniture. Never mind that I already had two children, the furniture was the signal that announced my grown-up-ness.

I am excited with you, arranging new furniture, that's celestial happiness.

It must be I was already a grown-up because growing-up we(all five of us) were excited over anything new or not, that came through the door. And I don't remember any boxes. I remember the day we had our FIRST washing machine, FIRST blender. Dryer, microwave oven, dishwasher came only EIGHT years after I was married.

I ran around taking pictures like mad and posting them all over my blog while squealing like a schoolgirl when we bought our wine hutch and curio, then a few months later our new bookshelves (all hand-made by an exceedingly accommodating Amish man).

If you want to talk flooring and counter tops - wait until we remodel the bathrooms this winter. We may all explode with satisfaction. LOL

Nice furniture like that? Who do you think you are? The Kennedies? *wink* Seriously, I know how you feel. I'd lived on my own for severeal years before getting married, and had a few things--nothing fancy, mostly second hand. Then I married, moved here and bought a piano. Also not new--but it was a PIANO. And I felt that I had arrived! New stove, fridge, and couch (now looking kind of shabby) later, I still have to say that, even though having grown-up things is thrill-worthy, I still like playing in the appliance boxes, too. It's good to have balance.

The thrill of my own washer and dryer was the thrill of not having to haul two overstuffed hampers of dirty clothes to the laundromat (during daylight hours, of course) and sit there for at least three hours while the panhandling winos wandered in and out. It was the thrill of not having to own two weeks' worth of everything. It was the thrill of being able to do other things while I washed clothes. It was the thrill of being able to wear my favorite clothes more than once every two weeks.

I feel you, my sister. Now go sit on that sofa and sip a glass of wine. Use a coaster.

It's Home. And Home, more than almost anything, deserves an enormous Yay!

Wow, it's beautiful!!!

I don't own my house yet so don't really spend money on furniture or appliances, but I sure can see the appeal! I can't wait to buy my first house and set it all up (over a span of decades I'm sure because I won't have any money after I buy the house lol) with nice furniture and cool appliances.

Totally worthy of a "Yay!" and I'm thinking you could even get away with a "Yay ME!!!" I know I wouldn't judge you. ;o)

Have a wonderful day Maureen!

Congratulations. I was a weird kid. I preferred to sit alone in my room and design homes and cut out pictures of how it would be decorated. So I've ALWAYS loved appliances and furniture. Always.

Ah yes! New furniture! And the memories of playing in big boxes when you were a kid. Priceless!

How appropriate for me to read this post, right now. Seeing as how I have been in a constant form of clinical depression since starting the Prednisone.

Zach and I got our first brand new washer and dryer last January when we moved back into his old house (the one he built and shared with his obnoxious ex wife) but I digress; do we really want to know how I feel about living in this house? He was 39 and I was 31. A first for both of us. It was lovely.

I haven't ever been more excited about something. We'll have them paid off in Janauray, and then I've decided it's time for a dishwasher. I don't have one currently, unless you count Zach. So yes, I can relate. We just got some new chairs for our living room, and I plan to show them off this week in their own happy little blog post.

I have been happy to have my own stuff in my own place. Not hand-me-down and not something I bought with a man. :-)

I have accent pillows on my couch out of the fabric of your loveseat/couch in the above picture. WE'RE PRACTICALLY TWINS!!! : )

Beautiful furniture! When did we become grown-ups? Can't we just be juveniles...with good taste?

I felt that thrill ealier this year when I got my first BRAND NEW matching washer and dryer set. I was grinning from ear to ear for weeks.

I've been trying to save for a couch, but that is going to take at least a year. Then I realized if I had that new couch, I probably wouldn't let anyone sit on it and what will the dogs and cats do to it. I want it, but scared to get it.

Congrats on your purchase!

Ahhh, beautiful furniture. Do you let the kids sit on it? And why isn't it covered in plastic. That's how you know your old.

I think our love of our stuff comes from working so hard for the money that bought it. It's the satisfaction of knowing that when you show up at 8 and leave at 5 you acutally got something for it. Something you can enjoy for a while.

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