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December 22, 2009


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Adorable cute! Ah, the precious memories of their childhoods...for US to cherish!!!

Now, do you think there's a special place in hell for that? I mean, it's not really bad, but it's not really in the spirit of Christmas, right? These are the things I ponder when I silently cheer LG on as he bites a kid who bit him first. I'm pretty sure it'd be the same section.

The photo is wonderful. She looks very solomn for her role as Mary.


BTW...Mary looks very depressed and sad. And the baby Jesus appears to weigh almost as much as she does!

That photo is classic.

Any picture of Joseph?

Ha, with that type of training it is little wonder the University of Notre Dame has that soubriquet.
But what the heck is crawling down the wall behind the child.

That is so sweet! And somewhat sacreligious. I'm so proud!

My children go to a Lutheran school and they held a Christmas Pageant. Ava was a star and and Aidan a shephard. Ava is only 3, but told me she had wanted to be Jesus' mother. I have to snicker at the irony there==the daughter for an atheist playing Mary.

Oh I loved this! Had me laughing out loud. Hope you got the photos!

She looks so solemn in that photo!! Proud mama!!

Our neighbors from hell had their daughter in the choir, and she couldn't get a clear photo of the kid, standing with the other children in front of the altar. She kept trying to get the choir director's attention to move her daughter tot he front rown so she could see her better. (duh!! short kids in front, taller ones in back!!) The director pretended not to hear her. hehehehe I lvoed it!

Very very sweet. I love that you scanned the old photo too. How did her brother handle it?

I remember those Christmas pageants. I never ranked higher than an angel. But oh how I loved the garland halos poised above my head with a wire hanger. Congratulations on your daughter and son's roles!

Such a solemn little face - adorable!

Aww I miss Nativity Plays in school! She looks like a lovely Mary and I'm sure Joseph was great too! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!xx

LOL, she looks like the baby kept her up all night! Poor tired Mary!

I'm glad your daughter got the part, but I wonder why the first girl said No.

Congrats to your son for sticking with it to get the part he wanted.

That picture is absolutely precious. Love your blog, by the way!

- Rabbit

You capture the (sometimes insane) pride of a mother so well. I would have felt the same way, secretly of course. Glad you could share that moment with YOUR mother.

score!!! you and I are so much alike. I would have had the exact same reaction ;)

What a beautiful photo. Those big, beautiful eyes.

Oh, what an incredibly sweet story...and that photo! Priceless!

What a treat that must've been for you and your family to see them both perform!

That doesn't happen very often!

Oh yeah! *slapping a virtual five with you* That's super cool for your kids and for you, you "stage mom. " :-)

Oh that's too cute! You guys ruled the show that night..

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