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December 28, 2009


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I care! Your post brought back a lot of memories, I need to call my parents! Do you think an apology every year will do, for the years of torment I put them through?

I care too! Even if I'm on vacation!!!

Me too - I read the guest post! I don't have children, so don't quite know what that's like on the receiving end. I'm more than sure that I have had plenty of offending tones in my conversations with my mom through the years. And I am glad she has forgiven me. And I hope I'm not offending (much) anymore.

On my way now!

Great post..anyone with kids can relate. Little did I know that boys used the tone, also.The tone knows no gender!

Cool! Guest posting is fun! :o)

I hope The Tone goes away soon... you can always drown it out with wine. Or... so I've heard. lol

You know I care. Also, in my house, the Raised Eyebrow, the Smirk, and sometimes the Growl often precede the Tone. Ack.

Great post Maureen.

I would enjoy the tone before the tone is gone and there wouldn't be any anymore.

Just read you over there and clicked over here! Great post...we are new to The Tone but our 11 year old seems to have fully come into it this holiday season. Last night it was so bad he was stripped of all electronics. The great news for me is I now have a nifty new netbook to play with. :) Sometimes life balances itself out, no?

Sarcasm is a learned force, one which given your first name, those with Irish genes excel. It is one of the things that makes us really good at the writing.
On this side of the Atlantic we say, 'well, she did not lick it from a stone'. ;)

The photo, above, floats for pots and nets ?.

Happy New Year.

Here or there...I'd read you anywhere!

I do know that tone! I've used it once or twice myself. :)

I care. Going now.

I care! I've just been too busy dealing with my own smart mouthed children to stop by.

Guest blogging. Who knew! I'm on my way!

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