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January 08, 2010


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Sounds like fun even with the avalanche and smell of dog bum.

However you have now forever changed my romantic view of dog sledding. We like watching the movie 'Snow Dogs' and many times have wished to take a little trek yelling 'Mush'...but now I think I'll pass.

This made me LMAO, because my romantic view of horse-drawn sleigh rides went out the window when we got stuck in a sleigh drawn by a very large, very pregnant, and very flatulent horse.

Ha! Now two of my favorite writers are telling stories about dog sleds. What is going on? See Mon Avis, Mes Amis as well.

OMG, things you never really think or envision when you see those adorable animals on tv! I am sure I will be remembering your post when I watch another show with dog sleds! Great experience none the less.

Is it okay if I pretend I went on your adventure so that I don't actually have to do it myself?

How do they run and poop at the same time? Are you serious? Now I gotta know!

Anyway, sounds like a fun time in spite of it all!

It is soo funny when we're the ones who booked ourselves into the adventure. This will be one shared moment you and your first daughter will remember and talk about for many years to come.

So even when it's that cold, you can smell their poop?

This sounds like a LOT of fun!

Okay, I know it was cold and wet and all, but it sounds damned fun to me!!

Just reminds me of every night lately with a farting beagle under our bed and a heater that refuses to believe we actually want it working. :-)

LOL... unless you're the lead dog, the scenery never changes all that much...

Should you ever come visit Jan or I in sunny Cleveland, you can visit the Balto statue in the zoo. I guess the team spent their last days here at our zoo.

I hate it when something sounds so appealing before you really do it. Then the splendor of imagination turns into the reality of cold, wet dogs. Sorry it wasn't all magic.

Oh Maureen--I'm howling. *Snigger--I just cracked myself up* Discovering the beauty of the animal kingdom and atuning oneself with nature is so much nicer when seen through the eyes of a lense. Or from inside a nice, toasty house. Ah well, if it had gone as smoothly and cozily as planned, it wouldn't be a stand-out memory!

Despite the dressing in layers, the freezing temps, and the dog butt smell, I would still like to got for a dog sled ride. BUT with an experienced musher and for a very short ride.

You are one BRAVE woman!! Brave!

Sounds like an adventure one would not soon forget. How magical. And at least they don't put silly outfits on those dog, like pink sweaters.


My husband and older brother had a similar experience on their dog sled ride in Alaska a few years ago. Before their trip, they were bragging about the fun that was in store for them. They were distinctly less boastful after they returned!

I always wondered "How do those dogs keep from getting frostbite on their feet?"

This is unrelated...Hubby just mentioned the issue of his mother's arm flying to his chest every time she had to slow down or stop.

Great long lasting family memories! I'm happy for you!

The way you tell this is hilarious. Your daughter and you will have many years of fun intelling and reliving this. I'm sure your new big question if "why do other dogs WANT to sniff each other's butt?"!

Well it seems I'll have to scratch off dog sledding from my bucket list.

Are you not to stand on a sort of runner thingy shouting Mush while cracking a bull whip by the ears of the slack dogs ?.
They have those things on wheels here. Wheels like they have on those baby strollers that look as if jogging up Kilimanjaro is the usual trot for their owners.

can I just say that if you and I ever go on a vacation together, I'M PICKING the destination.

Oh no. You've shed a whole new light on the excitement of dog-sledding. Peee-yuuuu! LOL I'm reading backward so I'm off to read about your winter wonderland.

Isnt balto also a book? hmm

Huh. And here, I thought that all that frozen air would freeze those doggie-poops the second they hit the arctic chill. Shows you what I know...and further convinces me that I'm just not cut out for this particular endeavor.

Or any other that involves the possibility of falling asleep and not waking up! (This cracked me up...'cause I was thinking the same thing! As a good mom, you were kind enough not to say it out loud!)

Brrr, I'm cold just thinking about you guys. I've never heard of Balto but I'm going to add it to our Netflix.

I had no idea the dogs pooped while they were running. I should teach my dogs to do the same, they sniff every inch of our damn yard before doing their circles/turn/squat routine. Glad you made it out alive.

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