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January 11, 2010


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Sweetie, do you really believe that day will ever come where you'll feel, " work here is done. They won't be scarred for life if I head on over to the great beyond."

Never. Gonna. Happen.

I lost my mom as a full-blown married adult with three children. Can you say devastated? She wasn't as much "Mom" anymore...but my best friend. The FIRST one I called when one of the boys tested positive for strep...even before calling the hubby. She understood me better than anyone...was more supportive...and was always there for me.

When Mom died, three of her four children were divorced within 2 years. That was our wake-up call that life was too short.

I guess what I'm saying is: The better the mom, the harder it will be for your kids to survive your you may want to throw a little Joan Crawford at 'em every now and then...

PS: I wanna be on your blog roll. What's a gal gotta do to get on that blogroll??

You've tackled (and with grace I might add) a subject that all women struggle with. Bravo. I totally feel what you're saying.

Funny but it seems a bit backwards. You would think that the childless would be more worried about the passing on of the ol'genetics.

This is a fear that we all live with and I'm not sure if it ever goes away. I lost my dad when I was in my late 30s and was totally devastated. I would hate to think of what my boys would go through if I should die now. They are 24 and 26 but we are so close that I'm sure they would be crushed. I don't try to think of it much. I love the way you handled this topic. It's a hard one.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I imagined that magic age of when my kids would be alright without me.... I am thankful for each year and have to believe I will be here as long as I need to be.

Oh. I never thought about it from the perspective of leaving my children without a mother because I have no children. I am not too concerned about leaving the world without any of my genetic material. Does the world really need more chubby thighs and lackluster hair?

I do not fear being dead but I do fear the process itself because I watched my father die and his was not an easy death.

I do not fear being dead because either there is nothing after we die and so there is oblivion or there is heaven and yay! we get to be reunited with the ones we love.

No. I do not want to consider the possibility of hell, at least not for myself. For certain others, yes. Although as a Christian, I am not supposed to. Bad Christian.

As soon as that positive showed up on the preg test, I felt my own mortality and it suddenly had a "tick tock" associated with it. Boy do I understand this!
Wonderfully put!
You're linked!

Yes, I share that fear ... but a bigger one is a fear of having something happen to THEM ... my kids.

Yeah, the minute I had a baby, became terrified of flying. It was weird.

I think this is in the back of the minds of all mothers--and it is a niggling worry. Hopefully neither of us will have to confront this.

With you, with you, with you, with you, WITH you on this one.

Maureen, there is absolutely no good age to lose your mother. I was 17, and I miss her as much today as I did back then. You want (nope, you don't need, but you do want) your mother around for so many things! Your wedding, your children, those middle of the night worries. It would be so nice to be able to call her just to chat.

One of my greatest fears is that I'll leave LG and o alone like that...

Oh, you are SO right. But so is 24; I'm far more terrified of something happening to them, and that is probably what my Spin will be about.

A number of years back (probably fewer than 10) my mom told me that she was just getting confident that I'd be OK on my own. So, I was in my 40s, had been out of college for 20+ years, never unemployed, had plenty of savings, was a homeowner, no debt...not sure what other criteria was needed? Maybe moms really never stop worrying. That's what I'm thinking. After I got divorced, she would have LOVED for me to move next door to her so she could introduce me to all the right people, etc. I asked some of my coworkers about that who had grown daughters and they said they totally understood....hmmm.

But all that said, I love my mommy and would so much love it if she would come to live with ME! she says that's not going to happen.

Becoming a mother must change absolutely everything!

Essentially, my boys only remember living in an extended-family situation. They are very close to my parents and I feel that the boy have kept my parents young. But now my folks are in their 70's and I worry about how someday their passing will affect my children.

My fear is compounded by the fact that my children lost their father at such a young age. I told me surgeon that I just needed 30 years. They could lose me in 30 years and I will be ok with that.

I am afraid of everything. Dying ranks right up there at the top. Motherhood only made it worse.

Loosing my father at 20 was horrible enough but knowing he's not here to see his grandson pisses me off.

I don't think there ever is time I will feel okay with dying...

Great post.

This is such a thoughtful post. I think I agree with the worrying about something happening to the kids more...

You have hit the nail on the head for me. I was like you before kids. Dying was unavoidable but I wasn't "afraid." Now? I pray every day my kids won't be motherless. It's one of my greatest fears.

I had an abnormal mammogram a little over a year ago, and in that week between the test, the exam, the biopsy, and the diagnosis (benign) my thoughts were stuck on how much I needed to be healthy for my kids. What would they do? Who would look after them if I weren't around? Prayers then were the most heartfelt and desperate than I have ever prayed. I hope I never have to go through an experience like that experience again, but I'm grateful for it, too, because it make me realize how much I really loved and would miss my kids. I kind of took them and hubby for granted before. Sadly, it was true.

Who was it that said that when we became a parent, we take our heart and wear it outside our body? Something like that. That's how it feels, some days.

I've feared death for as long as I can remember and yes, I fear it more now that I have a son...I worry about him living without me and not having me to help put him to bed, kiss his skinned knees and comfort when a girl breaks his heart for the first time. . .I can relate....

Death in general scares the bejeezus out of me. Not just my own mortality, but my loved ones, it's really more than I can bear to think about. Of course motherhood has changed my perspective on that drastically, although it doesn't help that at almost 35 I still have not just my mother around, but her parents too.

I never had the fear of dying until.. when I got hubby's kids who were already having grandkids, things changed for me. I very much want to be here for them all, to a ripe old age.

At this point in my biggest fear is hubby passing.

Every time I felt scared during flight, because of turbulence or weird engine sounds, my husband would tell me "There is nothing to fear as long as your butt still seats on the seat".

I'm a Jew, being afraid of dying is part of my culture. Talking about how you think you're dying every day is also part of my culture as well

I guess I haven't ever really considered how having kst not crossed my mind as something to *fear*. Thanks for such a thoughtful post.ids would change your mindset toward death. Great post, because now you have me thinking about it. Zach lost his older sister, two years ago this June, and her kids (26, 21, 16 and 14) and husband are lost w/out her. So what you say makes complete sense. It had just hadn't crossed my mind in quite the way it does after reading your post.

I can type. I promise. Let me try again.

I guess I haven't ever really considered fearing death in this way. Thanks for such a thoughtful post.I can see now how kids would change your mindset toward death. Great post, because now you have me thinking about it. Zach lost his older sister, two years ago this June, and her kids (26, 21, 16 and 14) and husband are lost w/out her. So what you say makes complete sense. It just hadn't crossed my mind in quite the way it does after reading your post. There. I think this one makes way more sense. I believe that my mouse pad on this stupid laptop cut and paste w/out me asking it to. Happens all the time!

I don't think I'll ever be ready to face my own demise without fear.

The fear of death overcame me as well as soon as I became a mother. I do have to say that now my kids are officially adults, out of school and employed, I do feel somewhat like I got them across the goal line and if I died now, while it would still be hard for them, they wouldn't suffer the kind of scars that children who lose a parent do. I have even told myself when I feel a panic attack come on in an airplane, It's okay if I die. Somehow this relaxes me.

Brilliantly put, Maureen! I absolutely can relate - that's one of my biggest fears, too. I'm hoping I live a very long life so I can annoy Princess Nagger in adulthood. ;)

I totally get that. My fear of not being here for the kids is almost as great as my fear of something happening to them. I still lie awake every night, jumping up at every sound I hear because I'm sure someone's breaking in to steal the kids.

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