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February 05, 2010


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One of the LOL project I participated in was "Your Body is a Wonderland"...I found it incredibly hard to find something I liked physically aobut myself. There is so much media hype pointing to the perfect woman, it makes it difficult to appreciate our differences.Personally, I like my feet which my husband finds weird and then I guess I rate my calves a close second.

I think I am a good friend and neighbor. I am an awesome cook. My husband likes my butt, but I think it's saggy. But I do have nice legs.

I used to like my feet...until this Shrek toe I've been ignoring them for the last two months and it shows!

1. I have great will do anything. My Mother has terrible hair. She told me she used to pray while she was pregnant that I would have better hair. Apparently it worked!

2. I like men a lot and they seem to like me...straight or gay

3. I was told the other day..."such filthy things come out of such a beautiful mouth" first it really hurt my feelings, but you know what!? I like that I say whatever comes to mind. It's freeing. And my husband thinks it's funny that I'm constantly shocking people. You either like me or you don't...and the people who do like me are a lot more interesting than the people who don't!

Amen to the sentiment of this post! I'm going to say I'm happy with my smirky smile, my hair (which is also thick and stubborn) and my eyes, which crinkle up when the smirky smile kicks in.

Three things...........oh, I got one...I like that my nails grow naturally and look great.

I'm a loyal friend. I will take on friends hubby if I have to.

I am an ex biker chic and ex truck driver. Which means I am rough and tough, but with a big tender heart.

YOU DO ROCK! Keep the barefoot vacation pics coming! And throw in a hairstyle photo once in a while too if it's not too much trouble - inspiration is always appreciated.

3 good things--I am pretty darned open minded and slow to judge. I am getting better at making things look pretty, the creativity gene has finally started germinating. And I'm a really good listener, unless you start talking about technology, then I might just glaze over...


Why you conceited little bitch! LOL JUST KIDDING! I couldn't resist that. OK... three things...

I too like my hair, even the Cruella de Ville streak. It too is thick and stubborn but it grows fast and I can do a lot of things with it.

I think I am a good friend and listener.

I think I have a good heart (almost to a fault sometimes) and would do anything in the world that I can for my friends and sometimes even for strangers.

Thanks for posting this and making me think positive on a positively dreary day!

Maureen, first of all you DO rock and there are many things that I like about you! Now, we can add your feet to the list. They *are* really quite cute aren't they? :o)

It's sad, how we are conditioned to not mention things we like about ourselves. I see this far too often in my day-to-day life and I try not to fall victim to it myself. I don't brag and I don't mention every little thing that I like about myself... but if I'm good at something I am happy to let it show, and I try very hard to never say bad things about myself.

What I *will* do, and I think it's healthy, is I will say "I am learning to be better at..." anything really. "I am working on improving my skills in...." any area. I am human and don't expect myself to be perfect any more than I expect that of anybody else. But I DO expect myself (and others) to work to improve and grow and strengthen. For me, it is the only way!

Ok... that said... here are three things that I like about myself:

1. I give GREAT friend. I am supportive and a great cheerleader - but I'm not afraid to kick your butt if/when you need it.

2. I am strong and independent and not afraid to try new things and go new places on my own.

3. I am sharp as a whip and pay close attention to detail - not many things 'get by' me. :o)

Do I have to stop at 3? LOL that was fun. Have a wonderful weekend Maureen!

I am envious of you on both the hair and foot front. I am gifted in neither of those areas.

Okay...hmmm. 1) I throw kick-ass parties 2) If you need help, I'm there 3) I'm funny

Those sound sorta lame, but they're the first thing that popped into my brain so I'll leave 'em.

Funny, I don't think I'd have been able to do this before I hit 40 either.

1. I have damned good legs. Still.
2. I think that I am, for the most part, a good mother (wow, that's a tough one to admit).
3. I throw a really great holiday meal.

Okay, deep breath...there.


1. I cook a mean breakfast.

2. I have nice hands. (except in the winter when they are perpetually chapped)

3. I'm good at dealing with vomit and being nurturing to sick ones. (Can you tell I have a sick kid at home.

Thanks for doing this. It's always good to remind yourself what your strenghts are. Too often we're beating ourselves up.

I'm loving myself right now so here are my three:

1. I look good pregnant.

2. I am becoming a gifted cook.

3. I am fantastic at make sure my kids feel loved.

What a great post to give us all a shot of confidence!

Here are three things I like about myself:

1. I am good at making other people feel comfortable.
2. I am a loyal and generous friend.
3. I have good metabolism - especially helpful after pregnancy #2. :)

Being practically prefect, I simply cannot write on only three, the others might get jealous and run away

It's sometimes therapeutic to think of a couple of things that we like about ourselves, isn't it? Coming from a family where if you liked anything about yourself, you were considered proud, this is tricky.

1. Supposedly I have a smile that you can see across the room. I guess that's a good thing!
2. I have nice fingers. Except for one thumb, which keeps me from getting too cocky!
3. Although I believe certain things to be true, and hold by those values even when surrounded by forces that could influence me in other directions, I don't judge others when they don't believe the same. Which means I have a wonderfully diverse set of friends, and they all know that their opinions and ideas are safe, even if we don't agree.

Phew. Aaaaaaah.

Jersey Girls Rock! Even former Jersey Girls.

This is so weird because I have a whole collection of photos of my feet. I always take the photos after a pedicure or when I'm bored.

Three things I like about me:
1. My hair is what gets me noticed and I do really like my hair. Beyond the hair I would like other people to know that:
2. I'm a really good mom.
3. I'm creative

Can I go to where ever you feet are? It looks warm and sunny and my feet are feeling jealous.

Ok, I like this challenge:

1) I have nice feet, too. Cute, maybe not beautiful. LG has inherited my cute feet.

2) I'm fairly witty, and have learned not to be mean about it. Mean and witty often go hand and hand and it's completely unnecessary.

3) I usually have a pretty good figure. And once I work off the remnants of little o, I'll have it back, I hope.

What a cute post - I love your feet. I didn't paint my toenails until after 40 too, don't know why...
Three things, eh? I like that I am usually nice and not judg-y. I have curly eyelashes, and I'm usually quite happy with my hair, even though I have no style.

This is a damn good post. I was just waiting for someone to ask me this question. (That’s a JOKE.) You’re lucky to have those pretty feet, first of all. I’ve always hated mine. Three things I like about myself? 1. I’m interested in lots and lots of things. 2. I can usually find some way to connect with most people. 3. I spend a lot of time invested in civic projects that help nonprofits.

Oi, vey. It has been one long, stressful week and it may not be over (I hate depending on the weather). I also don't feel very good about myself right now, so finding three things I like about myself without feeling that I just reek of hubris and narcissism is a little hard. But I am going to try to be honest; besides, I need a little pat on the back, even if I'm the one giving it.

1. I'm a good cook. I am also completely self-taught; I've never had a single cooking lesson. I have a talent for tastes and texture and color and putting together a meal of food that is harmonious and delicious.

2. I like to think I'm a good parent. I haven't done everything perfectly by ANY means - there's a lot I regret and would go back and do differently if I could - but my children are all happy and more or less well adjusted. They also all love me a lot. But then again, they know how much I love them, too.

3. I'm smart. I don't like to talk about this one...for many years, my intelligence was the only thing I had to feel good about myself. It's something I hold close and protect, because when all else fails me, I've still got that.

*sigh* Did I mention I'm not comfortable with stuff like this? :^p

This is very difficult for me. I would skip right over it if I didn't like you so much.

1. I have a pretty decent sense of humor.
2. I am very intuitive about people. (When I allow myself to be.)
3. My lips are nice and full. (I imagine this will come in handy when I'm 80. I might still have someplace to put my lipstick.)

Oh maureen, I could make a list of a hundred great things about you! Three about me? Ugh...OK:

1. I'm good at studying and analyzing and learning new stuff (which was great until I ran out of grad school programs my husband was willing to pay for...)
2. I'm a good mom
3. I can stay really, really calm and focused in a real emergency; I only lose my head when it doesn't really matter...

One question--can we trade qualities with each other? (I'd kill for Heather's terrific nails!)

1. I am a very loyal friend.
2. I have a good figure and work at keeping it that way
3. I have beautiful eyes.

I'm so tempted to also tell you all the horrible things but I won't. Signing off

I like my laugh.
I have a nice smile.
I have smiling eyes.
(I needed this. Thanks!)

This is great. You are right that we are so quick to detail our flaws and it is rare that we celebrate the things about ourselves which we love. My three things?

1. My eyes
2. My oddball sense of humor
3. My ability to extract metaphors from life

(Goodness, it does feel weird to say these things. But also kind of good. I applaud you for making us sing our own praises for once.)

Hmmm, well I'm one of those that think of 333 things I don't like, but can't come up with 3 that I do.

This is Fantabulous, Maureen.
Now, three things I like about myself, hmmm...
1. My honesty and transparency
2. My blue, blue eyes
3. That I dream big

Just agreeing ... you are a very fun person. I love your laugh, I noticed that last night, and it felt good because I know that I laugh loud and often! This summer and a dinner event someone said to me I could hear you laughing across the room, while at the same time the man I had been seated with said ... You love to laugh, don't you?"

And all the other stuff is true too, generous, fair coloring, hair etc. I do envy your sense of style, but in a good way. But I didn't know about your nice feet until this picture!!!

Will have to think about the three things about me. Now back to the "to dos". xox

First of all, you conceited bitch (haa!), I don't think your feet are all that hot. OK. I'm kidding. They should be in shoe mags, lady!

OK..something I like about me? Well, when it is styled right and washed, my hair is nice and soft and I like that.

Personality wise I think I'm pretty friendly, outgoing and the kind of person who will put up with quite a bit of crap before I crack!

I think we are worried we will look conceited. We are always worried we will be proven wrong.
1. I am a very good mom.
2. I am a good cook.
3. I am a good game player:)

Oh, I was afraid that's where you were going with this.

Can't I just talk about how gorgeously thick your hair is? Or how I agree about your pretty feet? And how I agree that we're all too quick to find fault with ourselves...but slow to show pride in ourselves?


FINE. I think I'm funny....kind and I have great legs.

(Ouch. That WAS hard.)

Never have I been to a blog that I enjoyed so much the posts and the comments. You bring out the best in people Maureen. You rock.

But now I feel flat:) I can do this. Come on, what is it again you want to know, oh ok three things I like about myself...

I think I am an attractive, confident, phantasmagoric woman. That makes it four coz I LOVE being a woman.

You do have some purty feet. I'm jealous. Mine aren't that great, they're HUGE and I have E.T. toes (my second toe is longer and looks like E.T.).

I'm not feeling particularly self complimentary today. Hmm. I guess my eyes and my humor. That's all folks.

three things wow:

I love that I can sing.
I have super hair.
and sometimes I even think I'm pretty!

btw- you have great feet. i wasn't much of a girly girl, until about 27. now i'm addicted to pink, sephora, and nail polish. :-) go figure!

"Why is it okay and cute for us to talk about how fat we are but if we talk about the things we like about ourselves we come off as slutty exhibitionist show offs? Do we talk about our fat because we want everyone to know that we know about that roll above our waistlines? If so, that's total bunk. Obviously if I (or anyone else) notice that you might be anything less than svelte, you have noticed it too and think it's ten times worse than I (and anyone else) think it is.
Do we do it to joke about it? Like our bodies are a joke? They aren't. They look the way we look because of the way we live. Babies make those bumps. Good times around the table with those we love create those lumps. Busy schedules and fatigue keep us from smoothing them out. It's life."

Okay, so I lifted that from an old blog post I wrote, but it's fitting here. You're right, and I think that we need to start being more positive about ourselves.

I am pretty and funny and smart.
That's the trifecta right there, boy.

[1] I like that I'm in fairly good shape for my age
[2] My honesty
[3] My humor
And Maureen it's nice that you acknowledge what other people see [smell] and think of are an attractive women and judging from the foot picture I'd say your feet pass the muster as well.

My list could look exactly like yours!

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