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March 26, 2010


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Nose piercings, lip piercings, tattoos. Rule is if you get them, you are responsible for them. Imagine the shock when my 18 year old daughter - while I was out of town at a swim/dive meet for her brother - pierced her lip. Did I dislike it? No, just wasn't real keen on her choice of studs. Problem was she worked at a grocery store where the policy clearly stated no piercings except ears allowed. Hard to cover that up but she managed.

I think that my 48 year old attitude about piercings and tattoos is a product of the time we grew up in. Different times nowadays and maybe I will get a fourth piercing soon. LOL!

Your skills amaze me! We learn to do what we must!

The good thing about a piercing is that the ring can be removed. Tattoos are a lot more difficult to hide. When a friend of mine wanted to move out of government work into the private sector, the first thing another friend (who hired and fired people) and I told her was to lose the nose ring and somehow hide the tattoo on her ankle.

She has since spent hundreds of dollars getting the tattoo removed in what is apparently a painful procedure. When her daughter was born, I asked if the daughter would ever be allowed to get a tattoo. "Not while she's under my roof," she answered grimly.

You are such a great mom. In my passive aggressive librarian way I would have made her put it back in herself.

In my sneaky way I would have said it wasn't going to work and we'd have to wait another year to get the nose repierced:).

Well, nose piercings do close up faster and are less obtrusive than other piercings. And at least she got it in a reputable parlor rather than doing it herself after you said no. I did that with my ears -- and almost lost a lobe.

Ah, the joys of modern parenting.

I allowed my sons to pierce one ear when they were around ten. I allowed them to wear their hair how they wanted. I allowed one to wear shorts through all of 1-3 or 4th grade (no pants!). I decided who they were inside was more important than who they were outside. Those two boys grew up to be men any mom would be proud of, earingless, and ultra responsible. Both have excelled academically, done fabulously in careers, never pierced again, and so far have no tattoos. Not that I would care if they did. One is much more conservative than I, the other is middle of the road. Funny how people's opinions can have such a hold on us. Shake it off :)!

Always remember if you tell your children things you think they will believe to get them to behave, that are not true, they will grow up knowing you lie to get your way... Based on the advice of a comment above mine.

I can't share the things I never thought I would be doing as a parent. Completely unbloggable.

I am more in favor of tattoos than piercings at this point, only because the piercings Danger Boy want are just flat out icky.

Well...a nose! I've always wondered how you blow your nose with one...

In an attempt to make you feel better...I never imagined that I would wipe my dog's feet and ass with baby wipes. My husband says I'm OCD, but think about it...they get in bed with me!

I WANT a nose piercing! But hubby really doesn't want me to. He even offered to take me to get a tattoo instead. The problem is that I can't think of what I would want permanantly etched on my body. You're such a cool mom!

As a parent, I've done all the required wiping that goes with motherhood. I've yet to do anything extraordinary.

I've secretly wanted a nose ring forever. But I'm always afraid of what mark it would leave if I ever took it out.

I am a total believer in allowing kids to express themselves however they wish as long as they realize what the long term effects might be. Piercing are much less "permanent" than tattoos. I wish I would have thought of that when I was trying to express myself. Now I'm stuck with these silly little marks. Damn it.

Hi Maureen! I'm here from Motherese. Love this topic. I'm sure these experiences are in my future. For now, I'll be grateful for the the temporary superhero tattoos my son is always covering himself in.

thanks for sharing
I think people should limit this to ears. Actually on a flat stomach the belly button bling I guess looks OK but I would not recommend it.
Sounds like an interesting set of events. I thought you should check with the priest if the throat blessing (don't remember the saint) covers the nose.
One of my strangest actions as a parent was escorting my daughter to a protest rally. I watched but didn't join the protest.

Yes, you've done your "holy job" ... and your holey job! Good for you for sticking to your word. If your daughter waited four years for and still wanted to pierce her nose, it must be important to her (and it will close up when she outgrows it). Now, I really want to go ask my mom what she thought when I came home at 18 with my tattoo ...

I'm giggling like crazy over here! I keep saying next year I'm going to get a tiny stud in my nose - I have no idea why I'm compelled to do it (well, I'm sure if I sat down and talked it out long enough I'd figure it out...)
But the picture of my mother trying to get a tiny stud back in is making me reconsider ;)
Happy early early birthday to your daughter!

I don't know, maybe I've been influenced by too many years in LA, but I think the pierced nose thing is kinda cute. Just a tiny little stud. It's also kinda sexy, which you might not want to hear about your 16 year old!

A tiny jewel at the corner of the nose can be sweet. In some culture it is a mark of beauty and social standing. I understand it helps make childbirth easier too.

Maureen, you make me laugh. And because you made me laugh, you've wiped away all of my own bloody images of nostrils and special kinds parenting love.

Oh and just to ease your mind, I had my nose pierced years ago. I took it out and it healed up so that you would never even know it was there. She might have a change of heart one day and it will all go away nicely.

I'm not sure what impressed me more: a 16-year old who knew what she wanted at 12 or a mom who is willing to keep her word, even if she wasn't that enthusiastic about the promise she had made. You sound like a great mom to me, Maureen.

Oh, and during the past few weeks of potty training, I've had some motherly experiences I hadn't exactly planned on. :)

Oh, GOD. I'm wincing, just thinking about it! And yet, I can totally relate.

Son #2 has a pierced ear. Got it at around 15, I think.

Then son #3 wanted to follow age 11. I had a similar experience to yours when a few days after, his earring fell out. What a nightmare.

And after all that, he eventually let the hole close. (I KNEW he wasn't a piercing kinda guy.)

Thank you for making me laugh my ass off at the conclusion of a suck fest of a week. It seems like most of what D-Man does incorporates a little bit of "I never thought I'd let him do that." We've already gotten into the ear piercing and tatoo arguments. He's only 13, but "only" and "13" don't necessarily go together, I'm learning. I hope we can keep him away from those things until he's at least 16.

Love the imagery of you with your fingers up your daughter's nose trying to get the stud back in! Oh my. And yes, I've had to do unmentionable things. Because of SOMEONE's wiping problems, she kept getting yeast infections. What fun we had with that!

Well, Well wouldn't know it. Just think... what is daughter #2 going to have to fix/repair/reattach to her children.(when the time comes) Just the thought makes you smile Doesn't it.

I'm glad she waited like you wanted. My parents said I couldn't get my ears peirced, but I stood in front of the mirror and did it myself at 15.

I guess I'm still old fashioned. I would rather see a tattoo on the arm, than facial peircings.

I couldn't be prouder to say you are my bloggee friend. Well done. There are LOTS of worse things teens can do.

This is kind of just hysterical! I was a young teenager pierced from here to there. And later, as I revealed today, tattooed. No worries about judgments coming your way from me. I would never. Moreover, I wouldn't worry too much about those stereotypes...I think they are going out of style. :)And with a mom like you, I'm sure your kids would be exempt anyway.

Meh, what's a little nose ring gonna hurt? I'm glad you're the kind of mom that would do that WITH her daughter.. my mom would never have let me do that. So I went away to college and got all of that stuff.. tattoo, tongue ring, (eh hem, boobs pierced), all sorts of crazy stuff that my parents STILL don't know about to this day. All of the metal is out btw, I grew out of it. :)

I guess you never had to wipe your kid's ass or hold your hand out while she puked into it....

You are a much nicer/better/cooler mother than I. I still can't go beyond ear piercings. I'm making my daughter wait until she's 18 and can sign the release forms herself.

"you should check with the priest if the throat blessing (don't remember the saint) covers the nose."

I think it's St Blaise.

I'm impressed with your promise-keeping and open-mindedness. You'll have to teach me about both of those things if my daughter ever asks for something like piercing...or learning to drive, while we're at it.

(Actually, I think a lot of people look pretty darn good with nose piercings.)

I had the bug up my butt to get my nose pierced when I was 20, but the piercing artist (?) told me my nostrils were too small. There was no way they could fit the instrument up there to get the job done. So I settled for having my navel pierced. (Sprite found THAT site a couple of days ago. Awkward.)

Holding my squirming daughter in my lap while they cut her tongue loose! Finger in the nose? been there too, but not for a stud! lol

Tattoos and piercings don't phase me, especially when there ARE so many worse things a teen could opt to be doing. So far I haven't had my fingers up my daughter's nostrils, so that's a good thing. I'm not much for blood though, so hopefully we can avoid similar sweater mishaps if she ever decides to go that route.

Something I could not have imagined myself doing...about three years ago, my son had a mishap in a Burger King restroom. Let's just say it wasn't as simple as missing his took me several minutes of holding my head in my hands and whimpering softly to myself, before I could even begin to tackle what was before me. Not exactly solid, not exactly liquid. I would've taken body piercings over that any day.

Hope your daughter heals up well and she's spared any infections. :(

I'm impressed you made the decision to allow your daughter to get a nose ring. It seems like one of those moments when you have two voices in your head...or the angel and devil. What will people think if my daughter has a nose ring? What will they think about her? About me? Or forget what other people think. They can stick their suburban, conservative ideals where the sun don't shine. For some reason, I've talked my daughters out of belly rings...seriously these seem trampy to me...the irony here is that I got one when I was 32. I've talked my daughter out of a tattoo on her wrist. C'mon on her wrist. If you're going to do it, make it special to you and put it where God and everyone else can't see it. Really. I tiny nose ring will heal over if you daughter ever decides not to wear it anymore. A tattoo is forever. Actually I think what's prevented my daughters from doing those things is their father. They always say my ex would kill them if they got a tattoo or a nose ring. And while this an exaggeration, it keeps them in line. But I'm thinking about a nose ring and a tattoo.

I wanted my eye-brow pierced when I was in college. mama threw a royal fit about that. So when I was 30 i went and got my nose pierced. I love it!

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