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March 12, 2010


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Whoa! am I the first!!! When I was living in Vancouver, I loved going for walks under the cherry blossoms. Now I really don't have a spot that springs to mind. I'm just happy to get out and start digging around in the garden a bit. But since the garden fence is still covered in snow, I think it'll have to wait a bit. I'll just take going for walks anywhere that isn't covered in mud!

Martha's Vineyard sounds (and looks) like a beautiful place... And what a great beach dog day..! Lucky Savannah. We've been spending as much time outdoors as we can before the heat and humidity climb up and the mosquitoes come out, chasing us humans into the relative safety of our air-conditioned homes... Sigh. But I guess even paradise has ticks and poison ivy - so I shouldn't complain too loudly! ;)


Love the photos -- makes me long for a day at the beach. Makes me want to pack up the car and head for the South Texas shores where we don't have rocks such as your beach, but lots of beautiful fine-sand dunes. But my favorite spring time retreat is going to any of the beautiful crystal-clear, mineral green waters of Texas Hill Country rivers. Spring fever is upon us!

PS Fabulous boots!

Thanks for another glimpse into your beautiful vineyard. I wanted to escape the beach this weekend and head to the mountins, but feeling a little under the weather, so guess I'll just chill. Your pics are awesome. Savannah looks like she loves the beach life!

What a beautiful beach! I makes flat, rock-less Florida beaches look so ordinary. As a child I loved playing in the woods in NJ or hiking through the botanical gardens next to my house. Cherrry blossoms are my favorite. Now in FL any time spent outside while not sweating is glorious! Every spring I look forward to the shift in the winds so I can smell the orange blossoms.

Lucy Vincent is my favorite beach on the island. Some of my favorite memories take place there..thanks for the photos! I had not seen the cave yet. Looks a bit treacherous! We have found lots of shark teeth along that cliff.
Now my favorite beach is on Camp Island, here in Alaska, where icebergs line the sand. It makes me think of Martha's Vineyard's glacial beginnings.

Beautiful pictures! You are so lucky to live on Martha's Vineyard. I like to escape to some of the walking trails in out local state park. It's not as nice as being by the beach but I have to make do. :)

Sigh. I would LOVE to live near the water and the beach. I love the sound of the waves--nothing is more soothing.

Lucky dog, indeed - and lucky Maureen! But I, too, have been enjoying the unseasonably warm and balmy weather - I don't want it to go away!

I loved this trip on your beach Maureen. Savannah is a beautiful dog.

My favorite escape is the North Shore, which I hope to get to this week... I'll take photos.

I love your photos - I miss going to the beach way early in the season and having it to myself.

That is one thing I intend to do this year. I live within 20 minutes drive to many GREAT stretches of beach. I need to get myself out there and enjoy them. Thanks for the reminder.

Those photos are beautiful! And that cave is just fascinating. Does it GO anywhere?

Was that you on the rock? If so,you look like a little girl on there? How do you do it?

What a great picture of you! How fun to be tall and long-legged. To say nothing of being tall and long-legged on a beautiful beach:).

On days like that, we love the park. It feels like we can stay out there forever, especially knowing that once the humidity and heat hit, we'll only last an hour or two at the most before calling it quits.
Great photos!

These pictures alone can calm anyone down! But the boots got me all revved up again!

Oh Maureen. How incredible. Teddy (the dog) and I would love it there.

I love that last photo - doggy footprints along the shore. Love it! Thanks. Makes me wistful.

nice beach and dog pics
Does the island have deer? As you can tell I've never been there and I guess it's bigger than I imagine but I thought deer needed a forest or at least some wooded areas.

Anywhere outside. We have a really nice river walk and the path runs for several miles. It's nice. Love your photos....and those boots!

Hey Maureen, I had a tic from Lucy Vincent last week! It was worth it though- my favorite place to walk. Fun to see your blog! xo, ing

These pictures are fantastic! I am such a beach gal. I grew up body surfing in Malibu.

But it must have felt unreal to be on the beach at the end of winter.

When I need to go someplace in my mind, someplace safe and alive, I always choose the sea.

There is a bike bath outside my front door and it runs along the Bay. I love to walk its path when the rain stops and the sun begins to shine.

Hi Maureen,
In the Phoenix area there are a lot of mountain preserve climbing trails that are not too difficult to climb and yet ascend to a wonderful height. The views are amazing. If you LOVE the desert, as I do, it's pretty breathtaking and an activity that's only available for a couple months before our blistering hot summer.

Sigh....beautiful photos, Maureen! I could almost feel that ocean breeze on my face...and smell that ocean-smell...mixed with the lovely odor of wet dog!

That beach looks lovely...and it looks like you pretty much had it all to yourself. Lucky dog is right.

There's something very calming about being by the sea...

Savannah looks SO happy! Sometimes in New England it's hard to believe, really believe, spring might come again. Looks like you enjoyed that day to the max.

Ah! I love this post. Beautiful black lab. My father grew up with a "legendary" black lab named Ace who had adventures that I remember as if I was actually there. The beach is gorgeous & I love the little coves. Your boots are so cute! Moments outdoors with our furry family members are always so special--I can see what a great day this must have been.

That's a much-improved photo of you Maureen :) And I love the paw-prints!

If I was back living in the UK I would be very cautious of Habitat, it's one step below the window shopping for rings.

Is that you on the rock or is it Daughter No.2? I couldn't tell. The picture from the play did not show her hair being that long, or maybe it was. I really couldn't be sure.

Great outfit. Great pictures. Great dog. Wonderful day. I must single out that picture of Savannah chasing waves and the rocks and the blue sky was really beautiful.

Who was the owner of Savannah's friend?

Lucky dog indeed. And fabulous photos. What does it mean that I cannot come up with my favorite escape? I don't know, but I can't imagine that is a good sign. Because you know what? We all need escapes! And regularly.

After this and last winter, any place outside is enough of an escape for me. Though I do love a visit to a Narragansett beach or a quickie hike through the Fells near here.

I will have an award for you on my post in the morning!

That does it! If I ever get to go anywhere (travel) I'm heading to Martha's Vinard! That cave and cliff wall are awesome! Loved the pics and what a lovely day! Neat boots.

This will come as no surprise to you- the barn, or a horse, of course! What a great trip you must have had! Looks like the dog had fun too!

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