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March 03, 2010


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I agree with you both figure skating and ballet are sports and art! LIke you said "poetry in motion" and it takes tremendous "athletic" ability!

It's Art when there is no discordance that isn't part of the whole.
Take the Ice-skaters lately, some of them were just too big that their limbs were robotic some too small that the boots looked as if they were doing the driving. But some were, even when they fell on their rear, sublime.
In writing, you have very few works of Art, if I may GBS was the last. Dali in paint. And Hepworth in sculpture. Poetry, for my money we have had many workmanlike efforts, but the WW1 war poets were the last with pure Art.
Oh, I do not subscribe to the notion that Cars are art.

This is interesting because while something like ice skating may not be considered "art" by the general populace *now* doesn't mean that it won't some time in the future.

Film making was not considered art for many years after it's inception. Comic books were considered neither art nor literature for a long time, but now have moved into the realm of "graphic novels" making them both. An intense debate exists between some people as to whether video games should be considered art (and at least one member of my family feels very strongly about that subject).

Can a sport be art? Oh, yes - I think so. Have you ever really *watched* Brett Favre throw a pass? It can be a thing of beauty.

I completely think something can be both. To me a sport is something that takes physical skill and practice. Figure skating needs both. Plus art to me is something that moves me visually, audibly, or sensually - so it covers that too. Great post!

Dance, ballet, ice skating are all performing arts and yes, therefore ART. All require amazing physical conditioning, strength, agility, coordination, training, and hard work. If that doesn't describe an athlete than I don't know what does. Have you ever seen Michael Phelps swim butterfly or Greg Louganis dive? They are perfection in motion.

And now I commented the linked on your let it snow post.I am all kinds of confused today. Linked again!

I do not do sport, but I love watching the figure skating, so it must be art. If it is in the Olympics then it must be sport. It also means, it is what we say it is.

I think PLRH answer is spot on.

Art's main goal is beauty, or strong emotion. Sport's main goal is winning. Or so it seems, this morning.

I think it's definitely both. They truly must train has hard as any athlete to build their endurance and ability to do lifts and such, and there's a tremendous amount of acting and such that takes place on the ice, too, so I think there has to be a flair for some dramatic in a skater as well.

Certainly both. They're beautiful sports, but there's not denying the athletic prowess you need to do them well. I loved the skating this year, too, as did Miss D.

As suzicate and TKW pointed out - it's athletic. Dance may not be sport - but it's absolutely athletic! And I find art in many sports - the rhythm of a runner's footsteps, the grace of golfer's swing, the synchronicity of players on a football field, the beautiful arc of a perfect 3 point shot in basketball.


Sport/art. To be honest I can't fathom why one would claim that something can't be both. OF COURSE it can be both.

I think figure skating is both. I wonder why dancing isn't generally referred to as a sport? Dancers are extremely athletic, I don't think anybody would ever deny that...

Hmmm... I don't have any solid answers on this one. It's interesting to contemplate though...

There is a little bit of art in every sport. For example a well trained horse is a piece of art. Because the cues you give that horse are so minute, so fine, so uneasily seen, that to the inexperienced it is magical.

If you've ever seen a calf roper rope and tie a calf quickly and flawlessly, it's almost musical- rhythmic. It's the same with running barrels- The good girls make it look easy.

So I'd say yes, it can be both!

I wonder if some of the art is taken our of the ice skating by all the different
'athletic' moves you must put into your routine.

But I do think that sport is art. I recently did the ARTIST'S WAY 12 porgram with a competitive athlete. Her perspective was fantastic. I learned that sport and art is real close cousins.

I agree that a sport can be an art or that an athlete can be an artist while performing. Ballet and figure skating are so beautiful to watch, but at the same time, require just as much strength and stamina as any sport out there.

Really interesting post. Thanks for getting my brain working...

Hmmm... why *not* both? Some things will overlap, like those Venn diagrams we used to draw in

I stopped for a moment to consider LPC's thought... but don't we all want to "win" in that we want to have some level of success at what we do - including artistic endeavors..?

Anyway. I don't know. But I think we tend to want to make everything fit into neatly defined categories, and the world is a lot more complicated than that.


OK, If I am watching...It does depend...Did I pay to see this? then it's Art.. If I have money on it....

Always Bumby

I think that they can be both. I didn't make my kids do any sort of sport or art. I let them pick then did a lot of encouraging. We always lived on acreage so the physical activity was easy. They had to ride their bikes just to get to a friends house to play.

I know many consider sport something with a score or a timing. The exercise part of it is not relevant to definition. You can get exercise doing many things such as taking out the garbage (ok I'm back I did remember).

Art or Sport regarding your skating? Should you add the option of comedy to the choices?

Oh yeah. Blogging is a sport and an art form too. It's the closest I get to physical activity. :) Seriously, I love the whole idea of a sport also being an makes me actually want to be more appreciative of sports. If you look at art as a form of self-expression, all sports could be art, right? Everyone has their own "form" and style in everything from baseball to track.

Yeah...sure. Something can be a sport and an art. In my mind, if it takes stamina and expertise, then it's a sport. If it's beautiful to look at, it's art.

Easy peasy.

C'mon, Maureen! Once around the rink! I'll wait here with some hot cocoa...

The women's skating performances at this year's Olympics were great proof to me that sport and art do have a meeting place. Kim Yu-Na, for instance, is both graceful and delicate in her artistry, and powerful and confident in her jumps. How lucky your kids were to have the exposure to both.

Yep - it can be both. Some of the skating at the Olympics was pure art. :-)

Interesting, evocative question.

In some ways, metaphorical ways, writing is both art and sport. Art because it takes creativity and gumption and vision. And sport because it takes strength and endurance and mental muscle.

Great post!

I think so. Skating is a form of dance in my opinion as it involves ballet moves as does gymnastics as you must put together a routine which is in and of itself a "work of art". Hockey, downhill skiing no, at least not in my opinioin

I had this exact same conversation with a friend of mine last week. He said that skaters were athletes but didn't play a sport, instead they competed. He said that sporting events have scores not given by a judge. To a point, I understand this, because like you said, dancers are amazing atheletes but we don't say they dance in a game but in a competition. Normally I would have said, "YES!" it's a sport, but I do understand this rationale. It's not putting down ice skating, it's just differentiating between points scored and judges giving points.

As for sport being art? Sure, why not. If one is passionate about it and it's a way of expressing themselves, wouldn't that be the definition of art.

Very philosophical questions. :)

I scribbled a quote on an index card almost 30 years ago: Art is a harmony parallel to nature -- Paul Cezanne. I still reflect on it today.

Of the years I have seen "nature" to mean many things, the natural world, human nature, or the "All" that encompasses everything. Art is able to connect us to something universal (and personal) at the same time. It touches us. Art is about expressing and connecting about truth and beauty.

Those moments that touch us "the poetry" can happen in sport. And sport does tell us a lot about human nature. But sport is a competition, and is about winning ... competition seems to be so much a part of human nature too. Hmm ... Still thinking ...

I think both.

Figure skating and dance are physically demanding, but definitely graceful and beautiful at the same time.

I look at soccer players, football players, etc. and the way they move their bodies can be defined as "graceful" at times too. Just because the sport is expressive, doesn't mean it's not a sport, right?

I remember watching Fame as a kid, the TV series and there was an episode when a bunch of football players went up agains a bunch of dancers--guess who was left sore and crying?

your guess is as good as mine. Why not?

Yup. Figure skating and dance are both. That was Pleschenko's problem--he forgot about the art part. ;)

I think that anything can be considered "Art" if you look at it with an artistic eye. I guess you then have to ask yourself if the person participating in the activity is being creative and artistic when involved in said sport.

One could argue either way, but I think that even watching a touchdown catch played back in slow-motion can be very artistic.

Beware the ides of March....


Oh, sport and art? Not mutually exlusive. And while I believe figure skating easily qualifies art does not have to be gentle or "graceful".

Executing the perfect deke on the opposing defenseman? Or a goalie making an acrobatic blocker save on a 85 mph slap shot? Even perfectly timed open ice check that knocks someone off the puck and onto the

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Also, graceful is defined as "beauty of form, manner, movement". I would say hockey skaters qualify.

I think they can be both. Figure skating, dancing, ballet are all a form of art but they are physically demanding as well.

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