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April 02, 2010


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Maureen D.,I was sold out for five bucks for mine. I was named after the local grocery store owner who siad she'd give the folks $5 for me if I was born on her birthday and named after her. Double damn on both accounts. Catherine it is.

No middle name! But your sister had one? That's just wrong! My siblings and I all had to have French middle names. I got off easy with Renee. My brother and sister weren't so lucky. But even so I was the only girl in my class that didn't have Marie, Lynn, or Anne as a middle name. Now after your story I don't feel so bad.

I love SuziCate's story!

Mine is Neely. It's an old family name, passed down. My brother gave it to his daughter!

I always wanted to be Catholic so I could have a confirmation name, I'da picked Cecilia.

When I got married, I dropped my maiden name (Arrowsmith) and added the Neely to my full name rather than hyphenating. The last name of Arrowsmith is one you want to get rid of fast, trust me. I couldn't bear to be asked if I was related to the band one more time. And seriously, the band? Just wont.go.away.

I mean, they aren't bad. But they've been going strong longer than I have been!

Nelle. It's Ellen (my Mom's name) spelled backwards. My daughter's middle name is Ellen. And on, and on it goes...

I love that story. You have always been an original, huh? My middle name is Powers. Family name. WASP thing...but I kinda liked it in my I am a witch and cast spells pre-pubescent years....

I went to Catholic grade school and we spent waaay too much time we should have been focused on our lessons passing notes about which Confirmation names we would choose. I went with Catherine, after my deceased grandmother. (My other grandmother was my sponsor. Sweet, right?) And like you, I used the initial in my signature for a few years afterward.

By the way, my father-in-law doesn't have a middle name, even though both of his brothers (one older, one younger) do.

This post is so cute Maureen. I love it Maureen D. Keep writing my friend. I enjoy it so.

Mine is Lee. I would have enjoyed picking out my own middle name.
Great post!

I was called by my middle name for most of my life. Apparently because we lived with my cousin whose name was Ronald(Ronnie) and my first name was Veronica, which shortened ..was Ronni...... and who ever calls a child by her full name if it is that long? As a matter of fact..I was Sue-Sue.... for many years......

So... all my life I went by Sue...but, had to correct people all the time as to it being Sue...and,just Sue.....not Susan, not Suzie not Suzanne... and then, that song, A Boy Named Sue came out.... just great....... all I needed... and being young.. and working with a bunch of bozos at the time made my life hell.....

I always wanted a nicer name... and then became interested in some Kabalarian theory when I was in my early twenties and in a better job situation. My friend in the officed changed her name in order "to understand and better reach her potential" .... I was intrigued..and hey, what could it hurt to find out what my new name should be? So, went my info...and lo and behold... it came back with choices... one of which was to use my own first name and my last name... along with some others that were kind of "out there" or... I just didn't like.

I immediately began calling myself my first name... and using it on my correspondence and in work situations... it was crazy and seemed impossible for some people to manage. My Dad refused... but, who cared what he though... an ex boyfriend could never get past Ver.... and my little brother still calls me Sue... but, I only see him once every two or three years or so .. .. and if somebody from another life calls me is automatic to respond after being that for years... so there is no identity crisis for All the rest got on board and Mom was actually happy to call me by my first name (She had changed her name a few times over the years). I do have to say...almost every single thing in my life changed pretty significantly..... for the better. I moved away from some destructive circumstances... began to move forward in a positive way... and I never really looked back. I love my first name....

What a great story! I didn't know about the confirmation name, so thanks for the information.

My middle name is Anne.

I've only known one other person who didn't have a middle name. He was the fourth child (and first boy), and I guess his parents were so thrilled with a boy that they figured one very masculine name would do. Who knows? I love your story. Way to stick it to that nosy teacher, too, Maureen D.! =>

I only have one, Marie. But the thing is that my full name is Carolynn, because that's what my dad wanted, by everyone called me Lynn, since my mom didn't like Carolynn so much. It has caused a bit of questioning when showing ID or filling in forms. I'm sure my hubby can lend you one of his middle names, though. His MIDDLE names are Frank Denis Kent. Three. I guess his fam was being generous. That and his first name being Meryl, like the actress, and he gets a lot of interesting mail.

I too am one of the middle name-deficient. So is my sister. Whenever we asked our dad why he and our mother didn't give us middle names, he'd just say "Because we thought two names were enough." Might as well have added "for the likes of you!" to the end of that... ;-)

My middle name was Howard...for a girl..can you believe it? It's my father's first name and was my mother's last name. Oh me oh my. The craziness of admitting that during all of the "what's your middle name" conversations.

Fortunately, I have a most excellent middle name, little.

Now, when you go around being called Ms. Big, youc could readily be confused with Mr. Big of SATC fame, um, if you could see me in a crowd. And when your last name is Wolf, it is also most excellent to have a middle name for a sort of stability, as Wolf could be off-putting for those afraid of snarling, hairy, wily creatures.

Then there is the confusion with my cousin, Big Bad Wolf, and a variety of children's stories involving assorted family members of both the large and small persuasions.

Advantages also abound in having three full names when you where stilettos and have a curvaceous figure. More ballast, so you don't tip. It's all in the middle... name.

In conclusion, on this quirky topic (perfect for a slow, sludgy, trudgy, smudgy Fry-Day) - Good thing my parental units provided me with a dose of little-in-the-middle, or the Big Hairy Scary would produce plenty of sorry spittle.

And thus ends the odd, sleep-deprived, not quite spring break yet tale, of one piddle of a Big Little.

Marie named after my grandmother. When I got married I took on my maiden name, Murphy, so Irish and so cool as my middle name. It's been Murphy ever since. So let's talk first names. Michelle named after my aunt who isn't my favorite. But I had my revenge because for ever after I am referred to as little Michelle or younger Michelle. Take that!

But you had a second name, it's just amalgamated into the first. Petite Marie in the French. It is just in English Little Mary does not sound so good.

My parents gave me a middle name, Noel, but my mother has a story very similar to yours :) She wasn't given a middle name, but chose Deborah as her confirmation/middle name. When she got married both she and my dad used her maiden name as their middle names.

I refuse to acknowledge mine b/c it the name of one of the people in the world that I hate the most. Just recently my kid asked me what it was and I told her, it's not anything. I don't have one.

My parents - so I have been told - had quite the fight over my names - both first and middle. Good thing they didn't have to pick a last name or blood might have been shed.

My father won the first name fight. He didn't want to name his child something and then have people calling said child a nickname. Hence, unlike all the Nicoles out there, I am Nicki. But my mother had wanted to name me Deanna. So the compromise was my middle name is Deanne. Don't know why it is not Deanna. I have, for years, simply signed thing ND and my last name.

Oh I love it! What's funny is as I was falling asleep last night I was thinking I need to write a post about how my parents named us kids - which will be posted on Monday. Two great minds for sure! ;) So of course I won't be revealing that info here - you'll just have to wait. (evil grin!)

Have a great weekend - and Happy Easter! :)

Mine is Jean. Named after my father's sister. My husband and his brother were neither given middle names. In fact my husband's BIRTH name was Japanese and it was changed to an American name when he was a couple years old. When he turned 18 he went to court and gave himself a legal middle name AND suffix! LOL

I went to school with a family of kids (like 8 or 10 of them) and EVERY one of them had the middle name Mallory. Boy or girl.... don't know if it was the mom's maiden name or what but I thought it was odd. But then, the girls also all went to the prom with their DAD.... very strange....

Like you, I had no middle name when I was born. I was, simply, Joan Mack (how boring!!). My sister was named Anne Marie, but that is her name... not Anne... Anne Marie. Only 2 other of the kids got middle names. Johnny is John Patrick, like my grandfather and Marty is Martin Francis, named for my father. The rest of us had to use our confirmation name as our middle name.

My mother wanted me to take d'Arc (for St. Joan of Arc). Uh... no. I took Marie. Nice and safe. So, for years I was Joan M. Mack.

For about the first 10 years of my marriage, I was legally Joan Mack Poletti. This was originally to ensure that if I made a mistake and signed something Joan Mack, I could simply add the Poletti to it. When I filed for divorce, I took my maiden name back (if he didn't want me to be his wife, I didn't want to have his name any more) I called it "getting my Irish back"!

So there you have it! Funny, I was always Joanie Mack, but when married I was Joan Poletti. Joanie just didn't seem to flow right with Poletti.

I can't even begin to tell you how many Jennifer Lynn's there are in this world. Every time I met a Jennifer growing up, we would ask each other's middle name and get "Lynn" every time. BORING. Now, I've noticed a lot of girls with the middle name Rose. Sprite's middle name is Rose. In fact, our friends named their first daughter Abigail Rose and their second daughter Madeline (Sprite's real name). Definitely thickened our connection!

I have one and also a confirmation one too. Never use it except for the initial. Your story is good example of wanting what we don't have just because we don't have it.
The first NMN experience was in the Air Force. I remember someone had to use NMN because every form must be filled correctly. The job is not done until the paperwork is done.

My mom ran out of middle names too, which is suspicious because when you're Jewish you name after dead relatives and she was a Holocaust Survivor. There must have been a lot of people to name after, right?

But she ran out at the twins two years older than me. Me she named Jane and then changed her mind and called me Linda. I finally legally changed my name in my 30s and put Jane in for a middle name. My little sister she named Janis but called Michelle. Immigrants!

That was unfair not being given a middle name when your sibling had. Parents are funny people, aren't they ... Love the confrontation you had with Mr Bauman, not flinching but confidently staring right back at him - and that was the end of that, ha!

Maureen Denise. It's got a nice ring to it. I'm sure your kindergarten buddy would be flattered. My middle name is Maria. My mother's middle name? Maria. My grandmother's middle name? Maria. My sister was spared. Although I'm sure, she, like you, felt a little cheated by not getting a middle name at all. ;)

I love that you got to pick your own middle name! All parents should do that! I unfortunatly, got stuck with Honey. I guess my mother was too out of it and dad got to pick the name. Yuck! The teasing was bad enough with my madian name, when the kids found out my middle name it was torture!

That is so funny. You're right, you were totally ripped off over this middle name thing. I love my middle name, Caroline, because it's an old family name, generations of women had it as their middle name. It's the saddest thing that I never had a daughter to pass it down to, so I'm the end of the tradition.

Okay. I am seriously having a problem with your parents middle-name-laziness.....WTH?

Didn't they realize they'd traumatize you for the rest of your life?? It must've felt like a stab to the heart every time a form asked for "middle initial". Do they have therapy for this?

I'm glad you got to pick your own middle name...and Maureen Denise goes well together. I do NOT remember my confirmation name...I barely remember my OWN middle name. I mean, many names do we really need?

I'm not telling you my middle name! Next you'll want my social security number and credit card numbers and...I know how you identity thieves work. This is probably a good time to tell you I am totally broke and my credit sucks.

Oh. Fine. My middle name is Renee.

And seriously!? No middle name. I agree with Kathryn...I'm having a problem with this. Very much so!

If it makes you feel better, a friend from college only has a middle initial (U), no name. It's a hand me down from a long ago ancestor who had no idea what the U stood for. But they keep up the tradition. Almost makes you long to have nothing, rather than explain that, right?

My middle name is Sigrid. A hand me down from my German grandmother. Who inherited it from her grandfather and so on and so forth. Confirmation name? Frances, after my aunt. I didn't get to choose.

I went to school with a guy whose parents were anti-war hippies. They named him J (no period - just the letter) Christopher. Christopher is his middle name. The story was that you couldn't be registered for the draft without a first name.

This anecdote would be more interesting had he gone on to a career in the military but he works for a car rental agency. :)

Kay. Often confused for the letter K. Both my grandmothers went by the name Kay. One a Catherin and the other Evelyn. ???

Anyway, I changed my name in junior high from Erin to Aryn. Just to be different.

I love this story Maureen D.

Oh I have a middle name-I'm named after my godmother. Yes, a non-Catholic girl with a godmother. I have it as my middle initial on my checks, but I never write it out. For a while I considered going by my middle name as Jennifer was the most popular girl's name the year I was born, so there were Jennifers everywhere when I was in school. I actually like the shortened version better, and I always feel like I'm in trouble when someone says my whole name!

LOL. This says so much about you. (Not that I know you, but this says so much about a young girl that I cannot but fall in love with.)

Well, eh, Chinese names don't have middle name. Most of us have 2 Chinese characters together as our first name, and 99% of the family names are one character. The 2 Chinese characters together do not make a phrase. i.e. if you ask me, What does your name mean? I'd be too exhausted to explain to you. Our parents pick our names based on the sound and the meaning of each character, and of course how it sounds when you put all 3 characters together.

Ok. This has got to be the most boring comment I've ever left anywhere. Sorry! ;-)

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