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April 05, 2010


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Lucchese ?.

Aha, the perks of visiting kids in college! My hubby had some cool cowboy boots when we were first dating. I had a hat once but not make me want a pair!

Nice boots. You should come visit us. We have lots of real cowboys here. They own real ranches and everything. You could even come for Cowboy Poetry.

Nice! It's too dang hot in Florida to wear them unless you're an actual cowgirl.

Where does D#1 go to school? I went to Gannon in Erie and now my Son#1 has Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh on his list.

Ah, you make me long for a pair of good cowboy boots. This place is in western PA, you say?

I love my boots and wear them everywhere. Luckily, I'm in Utah where mine are considered "ordinary."

I bought my cowboy boots from that same place! I'm sure of it! Sadly, I need to buy a new pair 1/2 size bigger since I bought them before I got pregnant and my shoe size went up a 1/2 size and rendered my scores of footwear unwearable. :) I'm still slowly replacing my plethora of shoes/boots - those are definitely on the list. Now to make a trip out to Western PA. ;)

Your post makes me want to buy some cowboy boots alas I've never had a pair that fit well. I guess that comes from living in Seattle most of my life. Now, that I'm in Texas I should be able to find a pair.

Years ago, when I was dating a man who wanted to marry me and take me away to farm dirt, my love for him drove me to a western wear store, where I dropped a huge chunk of my measly paycheck on a pair of beautiful, authentic black cowboy boots. Oh, I loved those boots! I was (am)(ha!) a suburban girl trying to look as authentically 'country' in my boots as I was hoping they made me look and as I tried to get the swagger down when wearing them.

A year or so later, when the country boy and I broke up, I tucked the boots in the top of a closet and forgot about them (because it would have broken my already broken heart to wear them. I was VERY dramatic in the day!). A few years after that, I...gah!...THREW THEM AWAY!! Crazy! So crazy! I honestly miss those boots to this very day!

I love cowboy boots too...when I left my first husband, all I took were the clothes on my back, my cat, my Lab and my Luchesse ostrich boots!

Hell girl, stuff the (gorgeous tho' they are) boots, and just marry the darn cowboy, I think I would!

Those are some purty places to rest some spurs. :-)
I had a pair of boots back in high school. What happened to them, I'll never know. I don't even remember wearing them. I just remember them taking space in my closet.

I've always wanted cowboy boots to wander around in. I've confined my actual experience to the kind you only want to wear while on a horse.

Ah.... cowboy magic. ; -)

I'm thinking that "Island Cowgirl" is getting closer to reality..... riding lessons next!!

Let me guess, The Boot Box?

I grew up in Western PA (Erie) and anyone who loves boots for reals for reals shopped there.

And I have a pair of for reals cowboy boots. Justins. They need re-soled but not just anyone can do a good job. And I'm CERTAINLY not buying a new pair. It's not easy to break those suckers in.

Yummy! Yes, do tell the name of this establishment or at least its approximate coordinates. We drive through western PA every time we head home to visit our family in New England and my feet are feeling suddenly hungry for some new boots! :)

Love the boots!

BTW, I have an award for you on my blog later today!

Oh, yummy boots. Can boots be yummy?? Yes, I believe they can.

Any leather item that can be described as "like butter" is automatically a win/win.

I can almost smell it....(does that make me weird?)

The Boot Cowboy sounds like Ollivander and his wand shop in the Harry Potter books ... He just knows what you need. I, quite frankly, think I need a red pair like your daughter's. Scrumptious!

I live in Eastern Pa. We also have a lot of cowboys, so you'd fit in here too. Stop by on your way back to Mass. Oh wait, you probably go through New York, well...whatever...

I love myself a pair of boots....then my calves got fat and it was all over.

In Western PA, you say? Uhm, name please? City? I've wanted cowboy boots for quite some time.

My BIL is an honest to goodness cowboy in KS. We're going to visit at the end of the and LG is very excited to meet him. He is the coolest of the cool, too. What is it about cowboys?

Ooohhh I love boots- I still have some from high school that I bought in Germany- and let's just say I am waayyy outa high school ;-) Glad I stumbled over here ... Following you now- stop by my place when you can ;-)

Nope. You stop on the way down AND on the way back. ;)

Those are fabulous! There's something fantastic about cowboy boots...

I love cowboy boots. I wish I could wear them here, but they would only get filled with sand from the beach. Also? Everyone would snicker and laugh at me. Maybe someday ....

I really adore cowboy boots. I think they are frankly amazing. And now? Now, I need a pair. Thank you very much :)

(Thrilled to be back here. Life has been nutso!)

You are never going to believe this, but I have that exact same pair of boots on the left. Honestly! I bought them a couple of years ago from a Western wear store here in Austin called Cavenders. Wow! They have the same pink interior even. I love them, too. There really is nothing quite as cute as cowgirl boots and a flouncy skirt! (I am starting to think you might be my doppelganger. kinda weird!) Also, how funny that you went into the store with your ex and the sign said "assuage your grieving broken heart" -- ha!

Ah yes, the whole "I didn't realize you wanted me to turn off there" act. Husband is skilled at it, but it's usually "What? Oh I didn't hear you say that." Suuure.

LOVE the red cowboy boots!! Do they come in a vegan plether material? LOL. :)

I'm sitting here wondering Why haven't I worn my cowboy boots. I think they got stuffed in the back of the closet and I haven't thought about them since.

I really like the embroidery work on those tan boots.

What a genius sign. And those are some awesome boots and I know they fit onto those awesome feet of yours.

simply a-d-o-r-e them!!! Any logic that supports the pursuit of fabulous shoes (or boots) is fine by me.

Ah, a real cowboy. All I can see now Maureen is Robert Redford in The Horse Whisperer....what a nice sight....up on the horse...

I'm sorry, were you talking about boots?

Love, love, love cowboy boots and red? Are you kidding me? Love anything red, but red cowboy boots seem especially yummy. As you know, my own way of coping with a child going off to college could be considered um...unhealthy. Drinking, crying, holding on...I think buying cowboy boots and lots of them seems like a perfectly reaasonable and necessary coping mechanism.

Ok. You MUST spill it. I want to know who made the red boots!?! I'm thinking they're lucchese but I'm not sure. I always "NEED" more boots! Seeing as how I live in them! Please spill it!

Red boots? Awesome!

My mama tells a story of getting her first pair of cowboy boots as a little girl and loving them so much that she insisted that she wear them to bed for an entire week.

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