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May 24, 2010


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boy, can I relate. First day that the Oldest Boy had his license he backed into his father's truck. Not once but twice in the SAME DAY! Explain that it the insurance company.

Maybe Daughter #2 will prove to be the lucky charm and not follow in her siblings footsteps. I'm a #2 daughter and I was the only one of us kids that never had an accident (knock on wood) there's hope! But I'll still keep my fingers crossed for you just in case. Though it'll be hard to type that way...


see? ;)

Does the learner's permit confine new drivers to the island? So far eldest son is doing good with the driving thing (knock on wood). Soon it will be time for him to get his actual license. How have you managed it with three?

Isn't is just grand being in the car with your kid as it gets totaled...been there, done that! Should we start a support group for moms of new drivers? Wishing you the best with #3.

Batten down the hatches! And BTW I drove into my aunt's fence as a very new driver:).

When I was 16, I backed my mother's car father's car. Yes, in one fell swoop I ruined both of their cars. Not good. Jude is 7, and I'm already worrying about him driving in LA traffic. The freeway?! ARgh!

I love the shot of #2, look at the joy on her face! Hysterical.

Oldest Son never really learned how to drive, because we never had a car when he was growing up, and by the time I moved to the suburbs and HAD to get a car, he was on his own (he lives on the outskirts of downtown Dallas and either walks or takes public transportation everywhere). But, OH - the HORROR stories I could tell about the REST of them - all girls - driving. The stuff of nightmares, I kid you not. And now The Young One will be getting his learners permit this I really HAVE to go though all of this again???

Good luck to your daughter! And congrats to her as well! I remember how exciting it was to finally have mine:)

Third times a charm!

I was the last of my friends to get my license and I remember hearing about one fender-bender after the next. And then when I got my license, it was my turn: driving in the winter, I spun out and hit a guard rail. Nothing was injured other than my parents' car and my pride (oh, and my bank account after I paid them back for the damage). Here's hoping Daughter #2 will avoid what seems to be a teenage rite of passage!!

You sound so calm writing about these accidents. OMG! I would have freaked out.

Kyle had trouble with the left hand turn. He used to just turn left and forget to look for oncoming traffic.

I can't believe your back in the passenger seat. Have fun and congrats to your daughter.

Wishing you the best of luck with driver #3 :)

Oh man.

This gave me the heebies jeebies and totally brought me back to when I first got my license, had all my siblings in the car, ran a BMW off the road in a snowstorm, and hurtled headlong into a 10-ft. snowbank.

Also the time I accidentally drove into the garage when it was closed.

New drivers are so excited and eager and it is so easy for them to make mistakes... I dread it! Dread. Dread. DREAD! I hope she does great and doesn't have any accidents. I love how happy she looks in that picture.

Best of luck to the kid, may she have many a happy mile driving.
And surely there is a speed limit based on a souped up golf caddy on that island of yours.

Good luck. Teenaged driving freaks me right out. xo

Oh Maureen! I hope this one goes better than the other two. Teenagers and cars, oy! My son is turning 15 in August and then he's 7 months from his learners permit. I think I've put the fear of god into him, what with my 18 years as an adjuster behind me, scaring the daylights out of him with all my old horror stories, but still...

No Maureen, Do not keep your eyes glued to the road, say a prayer, kiss your... goodbye and put on a blind fold. and about 3 min in... scream. :)

Always Bumby

I taught all my kids to drive and I'm proud to say they are all good drivers. Gina has had 2 accidents, both involving sliding on ice while trying to stop. Dani, my youngest if fearless!! Tim is very very careful and rives like an old lady. :)

My dad is retired from UPS and in his early years he used to train the drivers. Left hand turns and backing up are the two most dangerous maneuvers, he'd tell us. In fact, they design the delivery routes avoiding those very things as much as possible.

From the safety of Florida, I cross my fingers for her!

Glad that, well, it ended well as far as accidents have to go. Let's hope that now that she has the first accident under her belt, she's good for the rest of her driving career now!

My son has just over a year before he'll be old enough to get his driver's permit. I suppose, if memory serves of the torment I put my poor dad through as he taught me to drive so many years ago now, I should start bracing myself mentally now!

All three of mine totalled a car their first year of driving. No major injuries and #3 wasn't even in her car or in the state. She was on Spring Break in FL and left if parked on the stree at her friend's house. Her friend's neighbor forgot it was there and backed out of her driveway in her huge honking truck and backed right over the back end of #3's car and totalled it!

Oh God. I got in an accident on graduation day of high school. Worse yet, I rear ended a car with the huge sign "Student Driver" on the back. Yes, I took out a Driver's Ed. Car. A proud, proud moment.

How do you have any fingernails left?? I'd have bitten mine off already. I'm not looking forward to the driving years, that's for sure. And neither are my nails. =>

Good luck to Daughter #2! Love her excited smile in the photo.

Oh wow! Am I ever glad I don't live near YOU! LOL! (kidding...)

Do you ever do that thing where your feet are searching for imaginary pedals on the floor on your side of the car? My mom used to do that all the time, cracked me up. She has since learned to control that impulse when she rides in my car. hehe

Ummmm ... maybe they should practice in deserted parking lots a bit more before they're let loose on streets with other cars? : ) My son will get his permit next fall. To say I'm dreading it is a tremendous understatement.

Let's see. What words of comfort can I offer? Third time's the charm? Also, ONLY ALLOW RIGHT TURNS. :-)

You're a good mom.

I am still living through this drive-teach experience with my younger son. Slowly. All I can say is, the rate at which the gray comes in is much faster these days.

Please pass the shoe polish. Dark brown.

Nobody likes an accident but it really extra scary for parents and the kids (I didn't then) don't get it. Our youngest daughter had two accidents early on after getting her license. Broken cars but passengers OK. Both times she was driving when she was supposed to be somewhere else.

It really is serious stuff. I lost a nephew to a car accident - just a terrible lost.

Well for some less than serious stuff stop by the blog.

Gosh, I think it's only been in the past year that I've let go a little of the fear of a car accident for my kids. It's the highway driving that worries me, so hopefully on your island there isn't too much of that. Maybe the youngest will show her siblings she's the best of 'em.

Wow--I'm pretty sure I would need Xanax for all future driving lessons!

It looks like we're on opposite coasts with our nails dug into the armrest of the passenger's seat.

Congrats to your girl--and good wishes for safe driving.

I think after the first two, I would beg someone else to go with her! I would be sooo scared!
Seriously, I hope she proves to be better than her siblings. For your sake!

Oh wow! I think I might be inclined to do what Heather says- find someone else to drive with her! the style of your writing.

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