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May 21, 2010


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I haven't gotten my copy yet. I better hurry up and get on the bandwagon!

Sounds wonderful. I'll send it back to Daughter #1 when I'm finished. Does that help?

This sounds great. I'm putting a copy on hold at the library...

Thanks for the heads up on the book! I'm always looking for something new to read. I wonder if I can get it in Kindle?

Ooooh I loveeee the sounds of this one! And how lucky are you to get a sneak read? Jealous!

Ooooo! It sounds wonderful! If I don't win it, I'll buy it when it comes out.

I've been waiting for it! If I don't win, I'll go get it from the library (which means I'll get to read it next year some time...)

Count me in - I'd love to read this book.

Sounds like a fun book. Count me in.

That sounds great! I'm in too, but only if YOU autograph it! :-)

Oh yes, I'm in! I wanna win, I wanna win!

I thought this was a follow-on to your last post. It would be great to win a good book.
I wonder when the 9-11 movies will start.

Perfect timing as I embark on my new reading journey!

I look forward to reading this, it sounds really wonderful.


Art by Karena

Oooh! This sounds great! Thanks for the recommendation!

That was so generous to have let you read it early and now you are passing on the generousity by giving it away. Just cause you awesome like that!

I know it has to be a great book and fun read, but if my name should come up you should pick someone else. It takes me a super long time to read a book and it has been ages since I have picked one up to read. It wouldn't be right to send it to me and it to sit in my bookcase getting dusty.

Whatever about a Sage, I could never see someone named Quinn O'Malley hitching her wagon to a Phelps. It's almost a bloody implausible as a Kennedy marrying William John Robert Cavendish, Marquess of Hartington, but then..........

Isn't it fun to find a writer you enjoy so much? I found Geoff Dyer and "Out of Sheer Rage" and discovered a new favorite. And Kaya McLaren's "On the Divinity of Second Chances" hit me exactly like this book hit you; there's someone I like, someone I could meet for a cup of coffee and a conversation that lasts for hours.

Yay! It sounds like you enjoyed Life After Yes as much as I did. Can't wait to discuss it with you in book club!

Enjoy your weekend!

I can't wait to get the copy back from my daughter. (she snuck my advanced copy up to her room when she was babysitting the boys) Your post/review is making me most anxious to get started!

I just finished one of my books today... so I'd love to try another. Plus, anything by some one called Aidan must be good. :-)

I do believe that I will put this lovely book on my Goodreads page on FB

Always Bumby

I saw this book somewhere the other day. Maybe Target or Borders maybe? That's too cool. thanks for reviewing and recommending it.

I have an award for you on my blog.

Hey Maureen! Oooh a new book. I'd love to read it. Isn't it fun getting advanced copies of books to review?!? Put me down for an entry, please. :))

That book sounds right up my ally! I need a good book right about now... ;)

Hi Lisa.


Youve won the book giveaway!

My daughter picked the random number last night.

Congrats, I think youll like it.

Send me your address and Ill pop it in the mail tomorrow.


My favorite way to end the day is with an interesting book. This sounds interesting....a women who takes her life seriously,very seriously. She knows what she may be giving up!

Seems as very interesting book. I will definitely read it!

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