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May 26, 2010


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You ARE the best mother ever! That is so cool! If I wasn't in the over-40 set myself, I'd ask if you would adopt me. don't worry, I'd never take you to a mosh pit style concert. I like seats too.

Awwww!! That is definitely a most wonderful mother moment Maureen!!

Just ask your ass and feet they'll tell ya!!!!

LOL...The occasional texts she sent me were the only proof I had that she was still alive...

Awesome post! It does make everything worth it when they show you some appreciation, doesn't it? Even though, as you said, it doesn't last long. You are one cool mom!

You deserve a big, big prize for this.

You ARE the best Mom in the world!

We were quite careful when we went to see B.B. King at the Cleveland House of Blues to get a special package that got us dinner and VIP *seating* in a tiny, roped-off area. It was on tall, wobbly bar stools but at least it was a seat.

Congrats, BEST.MOM.IN.THE.WORLD.!! It's awesome to be called that no matter how short lived it might be!

Awww that was a pretty awesome gift for a teenager! Enjoy your moment you're making lovely memories! Who did they go see?

Congrats on the graduation and even with no chair and a SUPER long concert, you are an awesome Mom.

You are the best Mom, and that was a wonderful gift. Now when she's reminiscing with friends who had god awful sweet 16 parties, she'll say, "Nope, my Mom took me to a concert in Boston. Loved every minute." Good for both of you.

Was the music at least ok, though?

without a doubt best Mom in the world. I could feel your pain. Thinking about standing for that long hurts my aching back. The messiness of it all.

But your daughter will always remember her 16th birthday. And you will be her hero.

What a great night. I bet you managed to have a bit a fun yourself. right?

Oh my God, woman. You ARE the best. I thought that all that Cub Scout camping had assured me a special place in heaven, but this is totally puts me to shame. A boat! A drive! A line! The railing! FIVE bands! This girl will absolutely take care of you when you are old.

To be best mom in the world for even 10 seconds is so worth the sore feet. Good for you. That cannot have been fun.

And, you are also best blogger in the world right now because I am REALLY looking forward to reading Aidan's book, and I am about to run out of reading material! Yay! Thank you!

what an awesome mom you are! I agree with your daughter :)

You ARE the best mother in the world. Next time, have her notarize it for when you need it during arguements. :-)

"...large burly bouncers trickled water into their upturned mouths like they were baby birds being fed worms by their parents." HAHA! You're too funny. It sounds exhausting! I definitely think a coup would have been in order. And you? Are DEFINITELY Mother of the Year!

Yep. You win the Mother of the Year award. :)

OK--addendum. 16th birthday party celebration. i know I know--your post wasn't about me. It's NOT all about me (lol) But I have to tell you anyway. I celebrated my 16th birthday as every year, with my great-grandmother. Very low key. I had to go to band practice. when I came back, expecting to at least blow out a candle or two, I found the cake had already been served. and eaten. ALL of it! LOL So I am in awe of your motheroftheyearedness.

The end.

You ARE the best mom in the world. I think I'd be sitting outside in my car listening to my iPod and reading a book.

You totally ROCK! I got a necklace from my aunt, that's it and I just remembered that.

You gave her a great memory!

You are an award winning mom. I think I would be in teh car with 24!

That was pretty darn cool. I'd have to say you are an awesome mother. I hope your legs have recovered!

Very impressive. She'll remember it. :-)
Hope you've rested up since then...

I went to the HOB on a date wearing heels, thank you. and that is correct, no chairs there either. I nearly cut my legs off by the end of the night.

oh and by my standards

you are and always will be the coolest mom in the world for doing what you did

The HOB in Chicago is like that too. I guess they all are. Wife and I saw Mary Black there years ago. Nowhere to sit just stand and maybe lean. I never heard of the watering of the audience - that kinda weird - not like its outdoors woodstock or something.
I'm amazed at what people go through and paid for concerts.

I'm totally behind in my comments...(please don't feel the need to comment back...don't Johnny-come-lately's just make you insane??)

I just had to say...I felt like I was right there with you. If I could have been there, I probably would have "accidentally" knocked into make-out couple several hundred times (get a room, people) and would have done my damnest to convince the owner of this establishment that we were incognito famous people who needed a seat, dammit.

You totally qualify as the best mother in the world! You go Maureen! This was a great post- I could nearly feel the electricity that was there, simply by reading this!

Aw. It's official - you're the best! I can't say I would have been patient.

Text to (imaginary) daughter from Krista: Hey Dots... find me in the bar I'll be the one SITTING DOWN!


I'm pretty sure that ordeal qualifies you. Just thinking about being at the fringes of a mosh pit, gives me an anxiety attack. lol. I could barely tolerate them myself when I was a young and bendy teen.

What's up with no chairs? I guess the venue has grown since I used to go there (early 90's). She will remember that forever, the sacrifice's we make!

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