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May 07, 2010


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Oh I bet you agonized over losing that ring! I know I would have!

I had 2 rings from my high school boyfriend. The first was a blue star sapphire and a couple of years late, he gave me a purple star sapphire. I wonder whatever happened to those rings?

Sigh, things like this made me sad that I don't have a daughter. I have all sorts of trinkets and letters and such from my HS beau that I wanted to share with my little girl. My HS boyfriend didn't get a class ring, so instead he made a ring in shop to give me that night. Yup, I still have it.

If you want to romanticize the whole thing, imagine your daughter finding it one day while cleaning out your things and wondering who it came from?

Yes, I rememberwrapping that took forever and got dirty and stinky, but it didn't slip out like paraffin wax!I wonder how many boys class rings have been lost (or never returned) by girls in this world!

I thought you said you have a younger sister, have you asked her where the ring is.

I think these things live on in lost jewelry heaven. Your ring is probably having a mai tai and sitting by heaven's pool right about now.

Man, I had a much beloved ring that disappeared about 25 years ago, and I still think it's going to turn up. I just can't stop thinking about it. If your neurotically tidy mother was anything like my neurotically tidy mother-in-law, your ring got swept up and tossed in the trash with the next dinner you were late for.

Oh my you must have been heartsick. There's got to be a metaphor in there somewhere... the story is just too powerful!!
Happy mother's day :)

Yarn! why didn't I think of that? Embroidery floss was what we were using in the early 90's, and it's SO much thinner than yarn.

I wonder if the girls are still wrapping their boyfriend's rings.

I have my husband's class ring in my jewelry box, but I think I cut the string off before I put it in there. I should re-wrap it and wear it for posterity. His is very different, the face is a G-clef and a diamond and his birthstone make the dots. (he went to music school, and they didn't have a choice)

That is the coolest ring ever. I can't believe you got to wear it. You must have been one of popular girls. WOW! More info for me.

I really hope you find that ring. I would love to wear it now. It's so in! Big rings are all the rage. But your daughter would fight you for it.

I never received anybody's class ring. I am going to go through my husband's old shit today and see if he had one. He went to one of those all boy Catholic schools.

I went to Beverly Hills High School and I think they only gave 12 carat diamonds out at graduation.

I'll have to ask Tom about making out in the rectory. Seems naughty! I wonder if he ever did that?

Cool story. I wonder how many rings are lost with stories attached to them like that...
Love this post.

Oh, the right-hand faux-pas! Maureen, shame. Yes, thank God for Donna Cirelli! =>

(And I just read the rectory post ... Maybe mean Matilda snatched the ring during one of your make-out sessions with Antonio.)

This was a great story. I used tape to keep rings on...scotch..masking...I wasn't picky.

And I hope you find it also Maureen (-:

Oh, I love stories about that tradition. I wonder why we were never exchanged class rings, what with the big ring-getting ceremony at school and all. Probably because we were all too selfish. Ah, Catholic schools.

Maybe you will find it. You never know--much stranger things have happened.

I would have been heartsick to discover that token lost! How amazing if it turned up one of these days exactly as you left it, as you say?

I have a sort of a ring story - my college/post-college boyfriend one day came to the house I was living in during my senior year and left a note on my nightstand with his favorite keyring - a Ford truck keyring. The note said it would be the only ring he'd ever be able to afford to give me. Swoon! When we talked years later of getting married, I'd planned to incorporate that keyring into the whole production, but, as these things sometimes go, we never got married and we eventually broke up. I wanted to give him that keyring back, but it's still in my possession, tucked away in a box under my basement stairs. I've never driven a truck in my life, but that's something I'll have forever, I think.

This reminds me just how strong an object is to evoke such strong emotion and nostalgia. I looked up the meaning of nostalgia when I was writing the memoir about Molly going away to college and how I wanted things to go back the way they were. Nostalgia is from the Greek word nostos, a return home. So the ring is in some ways a return to home. And one can only imagine the kind of return home you'd feel if you found the ring. What a lovely story.

It sounds like it was a pretty serious relationship, Maureen, wearing that ring for so long! I remember when my senior class in high school also had the opportunity to buy class rings and I never considered it. What's weird is that the other day I was at my high school for a meeting for my son - who will be going to THE SAME HIGH SCHOOL AS ME! - and one of the secretaries was showing the 2010 class ring to a bunch of seniors. I suddenly thought, 32 years later, "I should've gotten one!"

What a cool story! Here's hoping the ring shows up when you least expect it! ;)

What great memories--congratulations on transcending the standard 3 month high school love affair! What happened to him?

It took me a really long time to figure out why people wrapped yarn around a ring...needless to say I didn't have a boyfriend in high school...thought it was the coolest though!

You know where that ring is? With my damn keys!

I think I sold my ring for the gold many many years ago. Sorta dumb when I think of it now.
I don't know if the class ring is even popular anymore. I assume it might be.

What would you do if you did find it. Would you contact the guy and tell him?

Well we can lose things but the good memories hopefully remain.

Just so you know, yarn was the choice of high school girls in the 90s! Great story, Maureen! Loved it!

Oh no! The guilt. I had a giant class ring, but I wore mine on a chain around my neck for about a year, while the boy who it belonged to treated me poorly and routinely made me cry. So not worth the trouble. When we broke up and I gave it back to him, my neck felt so much lighter. ;)

What a sweet story Maureen! Instead of rings, the guys in my school got jackets. Big leather jackets with their year on the back and their last name on the shoulder. I got my boyfriend's jacket... it was about 16 sizes too big for me but I wore it proudly, to show EVERYONE that I was Rick's girl, and that I was dating a grad. (he was a few years older than me.)

I still see Rick around, with his wife and 14 kids and I think... that coulda been me... *snort!* (he's a great guy... but I would never cut it as the mother of a billion kidlets. lol)

I loved this story! I once dated a guy just so I could have his ring. I didn't really like him but he was older and I wanted to impress my friends. I wrapped it with yarn too. Didn't loose it but alas, didn't have it very long either. He was a putz.

Makes ya wonder if there is a ring fairy or something. I too lost my boyfriends ring yarn and all, except mine was green yarn with a green stone.

Oh how I can relate. In highschool we made out in the rectory too, and I know exactly where his ring is! It's upstairs in our bedroom in his dresser.
Found you at Bab over 50!
Looking forward to visiting again soon.

The rings are married or engaged to the traditions of many peoples England held in the church wedding ceremony the bride and groom to wear a ring is indispensable one important element.

One today is worth two tomorrows.

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