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May 14, 2010


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I so understand where you are. My youngest has two years left in high school also. I look so forward to this time yet dread the end result. What do I do when I am not a parent any longer? At least not a parent that is needed on a day in, day out basis. I am trying to learn how to live that new life now while still enjoying this time.

I love that sound--sneakers squeaking on the gymnasium floor. I don't know why; I'm betting a lot of people find it jarring.

I can't believe I only have one more year until my stepson is off to college. What's that saying? The days are long but the years are fast? Something like that.

That photo alone is breathtaking...
And the rest? I can't even fathom... but so appreciate your words, as I'll be there in a blink.

I know how you feel! I miss being at my kid's activities. I know the bright side is not dishing out the money and freeing up my time, yet still it's like a part of my life has been lost. Silly I know but I enjoyed that connection with them...and now it's gone.

I was pondering this very subject while picking The Young One up from his Teen Advisory Board meeting at the public library last night: this is Kid Number Five, and while we've enjoyed all this a lot, I'll sure be glad when we don't have to do it any more.

I think Empty Nest Syndrome in our house is going to consist of a great deal of laughing and celebratory drinking.

Ugh. I'm having a hard time digesting the fact that my eldest only has one more year of school. The youngest is starting high school... and that goes by so fast. I'm not ready for the wind-down.

Ah, you're in what my Aunt calls the 10 year reprieve. That's the ten years between when your kids leave but before you have grandkids. Then it starts all over with the concerts and recitals (if you're lucky enough to live close and get to enjoy those).

My FIL went in to read to LGs class at the last "invite a parent to breakfast" day. He thought it was great, since he didn't have to take a morning off work and explain it to his boss!

As my oldest is just 6, I can only imagine this feeling you are experiencing, but I know someday, I'll be there too. I hope I can handle it!

You and I are at very similar points in our lives Maureen.

If I remember (gets confusing in my own family let alone the blogger family) correctly none of your kids are married yet.
But before you know it, you'll become a fantastic grandma. Then you'll get to enjoy some ball games and recitals with a whole different perspective.

BTW - I really enjoy being a grandpa.

In just one short year, my oldest will leave the nest. I think that's why God gave me these two sweet boys, later in life. I know appreciate the time spent with them so much more than I did with my oldest, sadly for her. People tell you that time is fleeting but you never believe it until it's gone. Treasure these last few years, Maureen - but I already know you will. :)

your post was worth mentioning - so I did.

I feel so lucky to have the chance to read your words, Maureen. Your perspective on parenting is inimitable. I just can't figure out what you get out of reading my musings about life with a baby and toddler. :)

Ahead with anticipation.

How I dreamed of all the dance classes my daughter would go to! Then, guess what? Turned out she couldn't stand performing. My child! It was excruciating for her. So after only one delightful tap-dance-filled, tutu-wearing performance at age five, I've done without.

This summer, though, I've badgered her into a Theater camp! Yea! I get to sit in the audience as watch as she, what? Operates the lights? :)

From what I hear from my parents, you have a lot to look forward to. :-)
When the grandkids come, it all begins again, only you don't have to shell out the money.

Oh, my friend, I know exactly what you're talking about, both my daughters played volleyball. For the last ten years my girls have been involved in either club and/or high school volleyball and I've LOVED every minute of it. So when Kelly's last game was in November of last year, I was so bummed. She wasn't. She was excited to be done. Gosh darn it, another lesson of letting go of my expectations. Hey, you should go to music or dance lessons. You're never too old.

A little further behind you... but we do have glimpses of the empty nest.
Lovely post. xo

Oh man. This is the future, isn't it? I say start saving up all that money you're not spending so you can use it on grandkids one day. I'm afraid my poor parents never reached this point, because they were forced to attend countless performances of my mediocre plays for the rest of their lives! Not that I would wish "fine arts" on any of your kids - a marketable skill is much prefered.

I feel you...
The bittersweet, the moments needed, the for me ... the quickness with witch it all transpired. As anticipation of next steps develop, love to know your feelings.

Transitions are tough, but I feel you ... will do great.


Your living in my world now. How I feel this. You know I do. It's so
strange. It felt like it would last forever. Forever.

But, my new friend, here's to the rest of our lives. I'm right here, waiting for you to come visit San Francisco.

You sound so strong about all this. I admire you.

I know there are good and bad things about changes. There are things I already miss about Jonathan being a baby ... I don't want to think about all I'll miss when he's almost out of the house.....

It's funny, even with an empty nest, I still feel very much like a mom. The functions of the role we play change, but the role is in some ways the same.

Once you get to, or near, the end of the daily parenting, it does seem unbelievable that it could be over. Especially remembering how long some of the days were in early years, and how endless the days before us seemed. You captured this one so well -- the bittersweetness of it, a job well done, sad to see it slip away, but with some satisfaction too. It's clear you've done a great job as a mom, and have enjoyed it. When my kids went to live with their dad in high school (which broke my heart) well meaning friends said, you will always be their mom. But I knew it would never be the same again, and it wasn't. but it become all right. Eventually.

Well sweetie, you're a good mom. You COULD be one of those moms who controls everything her kids do...insists they join this club or that sport...then they'd grow up resenting you and moving a kazillion miles away to get away from you.

Kudos for giving your kids the freedom of choice...and know that moms everywhere are getting all misty-eyed along with you...(at least, this one is...)

It certainly sounds like you have put your time in (as enjoyable as I'm sure it was!)--now you'll finally get some You Time. That being said, as my daughter prepares to start a mini-dance camp this summer, I can see how you might miss those tiny costumes (and bigger basketball sneakers). These kids; they get us every time, don't they?

I am right smack in teh middle of all that. Gymnastics, swimming, friends. ay! but it really does go by fast. We are now doing sleepovers. Weird. Sad. Yay me! (except when the kid is at my house ;) there is a part of me that can't wait to start traveling again although I have to say,I don't want to wish my life away and also it's really lack of cash not P. that stops me from going places.

Maureen, you are hereby invited to FL to help shuttle my kids back and forth to their activities. That should fill up some of your free time.. ;)

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