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May 12, 2010


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Well, I guess there's a reason she was an administrator and not a teacher, but people just have NO business doing that kind of job if they don't understand kids.

Oh, that's a great story! Not pushing a 4-yr-old hard enough? Seriously? I can't stand those type of people. Good for you for knowing what was best for your own son. I can't wait to see his remake of Peter Pan someday!

That is a great story. Sound like he already knew at age four what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. Awesome! For the records, Moms generally know their kid's hearts and abilities better than the school directors.

My son's Kindergarten teacher wanted to keep him back in Kindergarten. She was concerned that he couldn't SKIP! I told her, "well, he's a boy! I didn't teach him how to skip!" Same little boy just graduated college with Summa Cum Laude. Take that, Mrs. Dudek!

What is the big emphasis on having kids read before they get into kindgergarten? Isn't the purpose of kindergarten to prepare children to read? I don't have any kids, so maybe I don't get it, but is there any point to having children read at 4? They have their entire lives to read, but only a short time to be children.

As any psychologist would say...."she was lashing out irrationally" ... hahahhaha

Supposed surely they can kill any spark of creativity in kids is criminal.... but, being as she was not clever enough or adult enough to steer the play in a direction that she wanted obviously irked her big time.

What on earth was that teacher smoking?

By the way, I used to play Peter Pan when I was little, too. Not sure if it was the flying or the whole idea of an island full of children that appealed...

I'm trying to see it from her point of view, but totally failing. Unless she thought maybe a year in a more kindergarten-esque setting would get him ready to sit in a chair for longer periods when he really had to? Sounds like she just expected you to agree and didn't give it enough thought. Dumb move on her part.

My oldest son was reprimanded for doodling in class when he was young. By his senior year in high school his artwork was being sold professionally for quite a lot of money. As a person who is very educated in "gifted kids" I find the lack of knowledge on the part of many teachers and administrators appalling.

this is great. thank goodness you had the foresight to let the kid play. Pre-school. WOW>

Can't wait until you invite her to one of his film openings.

Such a great story! Your son sounds like a true free spirit. Good for him! My youngest son tends to be the one who makes up the elaborate stories, and is forever acting them out in different characters. I often ask if he's going to be in the movies when he grows up, but he just smiles and says no. He just does so in a funny accent and while taking a huge bow!

Good for you, Maureen, for keeping your cool! I'm not sure if I would have laughed or cried. When your son starts casting his film version of Peter Pan, I know a certain nursery school director who would make an excellent Captain Hook! :)

Schools (unfortunately) are full of educators who expect children to act like little adults. Freaks me right out.
I just deleted a whole slew of things, I am in a crappy mood due to a very toxic faculty meeting this afternoon.
I may just let my students play all day tomorrow, I'm so burnt. Ha. (Though I think my administrator would be fine with that...)

That makes me smile Maureen!

I love it when imagination wins. And it always will you know. I'd hate to think of all the great imaginations she tried to squish over the years.

Thank goodness for awesome moms with a healthy imagination appreciation!

Keep this story close by for when it happens and then look her up and send it to her. Karma will come on this one!

Gosh, Maureen, what a great story! And we must have twin parenting styles. I've always chosen schools for my kids where play is an important part of the curriculum and where kids can be kids. I've also tried very hard not to superimpose my idea of their future on their future (like the "My son, the doctor" stuff!)

My husband and I let our son go with his age group when he turned five, totally ignoring his prematurity, and we lived to regret it. When he transferred to his present school 4 years ago we finally fixed it and had him repeat 5th grade. It's been a great thing for him!

I love this story. And I love that you nurtured play, and imagination, and wonder in your children. It's so important!

Your story is the true Hollywood story and that picture is so precious.

Oh, brother!

I should clarify. Oh, brother to those who have this teacher's attitude about preschool.

the absurdity of that conversation has me sitting her shaking my head.

You wonder how these ppl get these jobs. Really.

I love this, Maureen! That director really was a piece of work, eh? Good for your standing your ground and keeping what YOU know is right for YOUR son. ;) That picture is priceless! :)

Really, that the ability to pedal would take precedence in this woman's head over a staggering imagination and obvious leadership skills, just shows the scope of her own limited mind. You were right to laugh. And keep your cool. ;)

Wasn't there a film about this topic with John Candy and Macaulay Culkin.
I seen to remember the phrase "gnaw it off with a rat" about a mole on the face of such a personage.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this story. I have a little "director" myself, in my youngest son. He adores imaginary play and it's my husband who is concerned. Thank goodness he goes off to work every day and isn't around enough to stifle #2son's creativity.

It's good to hear that someone else's children also act (or ride trikes) differently in school than at home. My daughter's preschool teacher constantly claims that Aura is shy and never speaks to others without being spoken to first. This stymies me, since it is a bit like living with a foghorn when she is at home.

That's so cool about your son. I look forward to the day when I see one of his films opening at a theater near here. Keep us posted!

that is just perfect. i think of all the things we worried about when they were little and they turn out fine.

in their own time.

Don't you just love that? #2's pre-K teacher told us she was going to be a horrible student and would not learn well and we should hold her back. She ended us Salutatorian of her class... they don't always know best. They are just human!

That is so neat that he was expressing himself then, in the line of work he was destined to do later. Way to go mom for sticking up for your child! I know so many that would cave under the pressure.

Too much fairy dust, I think that must have been her problem. Or maybe her fairy wings were too small?? I'm glad you were able to trust your instincts and do what was best for your Spielberg-in-the-making. =>

Sometimes teachers just can't see the future very well can they? They need a bit more imagination, no? It's great for those of us with little children to know that if things are said about our little ones they don't define them or their future.

Wow, sounds like your son and mine are a lot alike. Good for you for standing your ground to that pushy person. It's funny how as kids, they have these traits that people (and sometimes us too) perceive as a problem but in adult form are extremely special. Elliot's the same way, she's a hard kid to handle but she's going to be the strongest most steadfast, independent woman I know when she grows up.

I love you how you said you were being rational with an irrational person. This never works. But I still try!

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