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May 28, 2010


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Sounds interesting. Have a wonderful weekend.

Maybe I should got see that musical? ;)

Have a great weekend!

Reminded me of my very similar experience. I laughed, and when I cried, it was a shoulder-shaking sob. The movie was the Terms Of Endearment and I went in without knowing anything about what the movie was about. It probably did not change me but I believe it made me.

Enjoy your extended weekend my friend.

Enjoy your time with mother nature!

Can't wait to go to NY this summer and hit Broadway! I think it's been 4 years since I was last there. Love it!

Great post. Art reaches out and into people in ways that nothing else can. Don't you love it when you don't expect to really get into something, and then BAM! It surprises you? Fabulous.

Hey! We're going out cleaning up/planting/and generally getting good and dirty this afternoon and throughout the weekend as well. Want some oregano? I've got lots!

Enjoy your little break!

I've heard great things about this from my NYC theater buddies. So jealous you got to go!

Sounds amazing.

Kyle is going off on leadership thing as well. Boy's State???? Ever hear of it.

Who are these kids I raised and from where did they come from.

I am going to titillate you with a thought. I need to talk to YOU about an idea that has been brewing in my head. Mind if I e-mail you?

Have a great break. And thanks for the great recommendation for a bit of theater.

Wow sounds fantastic! Love the way you described it. And yep, I've certainly got my share of scars. I'm so glad you got to go. :)

Sounds like a great show. Enjoy the long weekend.

This definitely sounds like a show worth seeing. Have fun this weekend!

I must admit from the first part of your description I thought it was going to be horrible. But I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

I've only been to NYC once but I loved every second of it, especially Broadway.

That's exactly what I love about theater!

Have a great weekend Maureen. I might just look into that musical.

I'm going to be in NYC at BlogHer but am there for a few extra days. I would LOVE to see that play. So often, they charge so much and they aren't worth it.

Yes, we all have scars, some more than others. I've got too many to count but one thing is, they have made me the woman I am today and for once I really like her

Great concise review, Maureen. Now I totally want to see it, but how am I supposed to suddenly get to New York? Is the play doing a Southwest tour? :)

OMB Maureen ... this made tears flow AGAIN. Thanks so much for everything. This blog post is so perfect, now I can stop thinking about it!!! Yeah, right. xo

I love the theater and art for the same reasons you do - it can take the life inside us and reflect it back. I'm with Jessica - I have too many scars to count, but I strongly believe everything I've gone through in my life have made me the woman I am today. And I like her. ;)

Enjoy your mini bloggy break and time with your family! And I'll be looking forward to reading about your daughter's tent dance! ;)

Sweetie, you are absolutely amazing. You've nailed how probably 90% of the people who walked through the doors of that theater felt. I'm always amazed how they can manage to turn almost any topic...even something you can't imagine could keep you engaged...into something magical.

But then again....YOU manage to do it HERE all the time.

LOVED this post....but then again, I love 'em all.

I haven't heard of the musical, but if it affected you this much, I'm going to look for it (should it ever come to my neck of the woods).

Enjoy your weekend and your family.

I hope it's still running next time I'm in NY. I think I too would be skeptical the plotline could work as a musical, so happy to have the recommendation. But what mostly struck me about your blog today was that I've been feeling all my own struggles amplified lately and it's a good reminder that none of us gets to this age without a pretty good dose of pain and heartache, one way or another. And all in all, I've been pretty darn lucky. So thank you! Hope you have a wonderful long weekend.

it's an extra when the show is more than you expect.
enjoy your break.

Makes me wish we had a great shows like that here. Although I am such a cry baby with just commercials, I don't think I could handle something that deep.

Have a good time out in the garden.

Sounds like great fun! I would love to go to NYC and see a broadway show sometime! I actually think my mother may have a couple former music students that are performing in broadway shows; or very close to them!

That play sounds amazing. I'm not one for musicals, although, lately for instance, I've been drawn to Glee. The sitcom version of a musical, basically.

Anyway, dear, I hope you are well and that you've been spending lots of time in your garden this weekend.

Happy belated birthday to Daughter #2!


My daughter would LOVE to see that show. She has the music and plays it a lot.

Since my internal life is often dark and messy, I love to be taken to a romantic comedy movie or read "People" Magazine, essentially mind candy. I read dark novels and memoirs, the kind my husband rolls his eyes at because he doesn't understand how I can read these when I refuse to see dark movies. I think it's a visual thing. But the older I get the more I look for these opportunities to understand life. I'm glad you got a chance to and more than that to get out in your garden and enjoy.

Those kind of musicals/plays do depress me, but this sounds like a winner. I may change my rules for it...when I get around to going to an actual live play somewhere! :-)

I've never heard of that before, but now I'm dying to see it. What a great review.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

If you looked up "dysfunctional family" in the dictionary, my family would be pictured in living color. I'm not sure I'd want to watch a musical about it.

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