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May 10, 2010


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I haven't heard of it - though I've seen different versions of it (you know, on CSI-type shows). :)

That is way too scary! Middle School kids? Great, something else for me to worry about as Princess Nagger gets older. *sigh* :)

I hadn't heard anything of it, until Zach's nephew died last year due to the circumstances surround his death. A client of mine is an elementary school teacher and she knew all about it. I just can't imagine.

Oh goodness, no, I hadn't heard of it. But I'm horrified.

Did I just lead a boring childhood or is life getting trickier and trickier for kids these days?

I haven't heard my girls talk about it, but just the idea is terrifying. As if there aren't enough dangers out there to obsess about. How does this even seem like a good idea? Now I'm curious though, I'll ask my girls today after school about Space Monkeys, then we'll have a little talk about bad ideas.

I had someone talk me into the whole paper bag thing when I was about 10, too - I DID pass out and it scared the bejebus out of me.

"Choking games" go in and out of fashion all the time - I don't remember Oldest Son telling me about any, but my daughter told me about some such "game" when she was in middle school. She spoke about it as contemptuously as your daughter did.

The Young One hasn't told me about this one - Space Monkeys?!?!?! - but I wouldn't be surprised if he'd heard about it. Fortunately, if he's not at the library at one of his many club meetings, he's too busy playing computer games and worrying about the fact he doesn't have a girlfriend yet.

Nerdy yet normal is good.

Maureen: When Kyle was in middle school--five years ago--I took him to a party. I had a feeling about this party--a gut feeling.

I stayed in the parking lot of the rec center and waited for awhile. I thought I was being my normal "weird" self but something told me to wait--and soon enough kids were flying out of the rec room, some crying.

I went inside and some kids had decided to try and hyperventilate and then another friend would come behind them and grab their diagram...a version of space monkeys? They were trying to get their own kind of high.

I was so glad I was there. Chaos! Tears! Confusion!


I've never heard it called that, but we all used to do that back when I was a kid. So, it's at least been around since the mid-80s.

Hey Maureen. Sorry I've been out of the loop lately. My daughter received a note from the school nurse about this the other day. They don't call it Space Monkeys (I can't remember what they called it), but it's the same thing.

Scary stuff.

No, not this one Maureen. But in the 90s there was that auto-erotic asphyxiation doing the rounds. While, in the past it was called the hanging ecstasy, as in that the noose caused a response in the genitals of both men and women. This was before the drop caused the spine to snap. And it was considered one of the indignities of the execution where the person did not go to the grave intact having been forced to loose control of that most personal force.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. What will we all think of next? Jan's right, I guess. Chicken games are part of the universal canon of human dumbness.

Ahhh, makes you almost want to tell kids, "Hey, just try a cigarette, please? Leave the choking to Mama Cass and her ham sandwich?"

This was around when I was a kid, too, though. Along with huffing household cleaners and the stuff in the bottom of the whipped cream can. Some kids will do almost anything once. (Try telling them they can get a high from running really far, though, and see if you can get them up off their butts...)

I've heard of it. Ack.

I have heard of this. It's amazing the lengths people will go to for a "high". How can you possibly think of performing an act that, if done long enough, will kill you? It's pure insanity!

Holy hell, that's just messed up. I'll add that to the list of things I need to discuss with my children.

And no, I'd never heard of it before now.

My friend's son died this way. He was alone, and used a rope. Not trying to kill himself, just after that "High". What seemed to stop the fad up here was when his classmates wre encouraged to help build his coffin. A local guy cut out the boards, they nailed it together. I think hammering those nails made the death real to them, and it seems like that fad has stopped. Now they are on to prescription drugs....In Middle School!!

Holy crap! Seriously? Dear God. I am putting this on the MUST do list for this weekend--must talk to Stepson. Thank you for this, Maureen.

Disturbing! I know when I was in middle school I remember hearing about something like that and thought the kids that tried it were stupid. It didn't include ropes or anything like that it was more like what you experienced.

I had no idea it was called Space Monkeys - but yes, sadly I am aware. And when I spoke to my daughter about it, she was also aware. When I voiced my concerns she rolled her eyes and said, "Mom. It basically involves suffocating yourself. Do you really think I'm that stupid?" Well, no. But other kids don't see it so clearly. Scary, scary stuff!

I've never heard the term but I've heard of the game. Just one more thing to talk about with them.

Honestly I thought you wrote sea monkeys.
I must admit I tried the hyperventilating thing as a kid. Choking, ropes - wow it has gotten extreme.
There is some fun in getting dizzy for some people (amusement rides) but it's sad that people push it to a dangerous extreme.

I've never even heard of it, but I am horrified. Growing up I had a rapid heart beat that made my head swim and if I kept running or doing whatever was making it pound (like sitting quietly in class) I would almost black out. That wasn't fun for me. I can't imagine doing it on purpose!

I have heard of this for years, but it was not something that was a fad (that I knew of) when my son was in middle school ten years ago; I think it has increased in popularity. My friend who has boys in middle school just had a talk with her kids about the incredible danger involved. I think some kids do it to increase the high of masturbation. The scariest part is the lack of judgment and ability to consider risk among young teens. A public service campaign is needed!

UGH! Heard of the game, never knew the name.

I had not heard of it. Very scary. Thanks for your informative post.

Scary stuff.

WTF is right! Yikes.

I want to say that things have changed so much for kids these days, but then I read the other comments here and realize that they really haven't changed that much. I just had an abnormally normal childhood I guess. ;o)

Terrifying to think of what kids will try. I've never heard of this and the thought of The King (or anyone else) even considering something so stupid makes me want to shelter him even more. Argh.

I've never heard it call Space Monkeys. However, I do know the "game" you're talking about because I saw kids do it when I was in junior high. So it's been around at least 28 years. (yikes, I can't believe I just typed that number)

I just checked with my eldest son and he didn't know what I was talking about. Maybe it's not in FL? I'll check with middle school son when he gets home.

Do you know that I remember this game from Junior High school? I haven't thought about it since until this post.

I cannot believe kids are still doing this.

You don't think they are still on the Spin the Bottle kick also do you?

Thanks for posting it Maureen.

Good God. Never heard of it, but my kid's too young. Why can't they just get stoned and listen to Zeppelin like we used to?

Thank you for writing on this subject. My son Levi was a victim in 2006 when he was 15. He is one of the very few to have survived, awaking unexpectedly after 3 days in a coma. While I cannot understand why my son’s life was spared (I do not deserve his return to life, any more than the hundreds of victims’ family and friends are deserving of the tragic loss of their child’s life.) I did however, know from the beginning what I was to do with this gift – develop and share an education program with others who, through tragic loss, have learned of this little known risk behavior too late and who now have become advocates for internvetion through education. I welcome you and your readers to Ed4Ed’s Education Support Networks: ; Facebook Cause ; BlogSpot and Educational Videos included in the program which you are invited to share with your readers. *Please Note, some of these videos are disturbing and include visual images and personal stories of the tragic loss of so many lives. Please preview them for content before posting in your forum. UTube:; OneTrue Media: Again thank you for your promotion of education through your posts, Carrie Draher, Ed4Ed Program Director

I have heard of the choking game but had never heard the term Space Monkeys before. Scary!

I do believe I heard of this choking game on one of the talk shows, I'm thinking either Oprah or Dr. Phil. Never heard it called Space Monkeys before.

I hope you don't mind if I post this woman Carrie Draher's links on my Facebook page. Let me know.

Holy shit, really? Why? I never understood these stupid games kids play. Ugh.

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