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May 03, 2010


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Well, I might not be the appropriate person to comment, since my house was rejected for the cover of "Rusted Trailer Living," but here goes. When your mother arrives, greet her with a cheery "Just think how great it'll be when its all done," and a paint brush.

Love Jim's comment. Yes, you could have a painting party! Growing up, my parents had a sofa on the back porch! And now, their property looks like a used car lot! You can get away with that stuff living in the country, as it's somewhat standard in areas. Nope, only prper lwan furniture and running cars here in the city...everything has to meet codes and neighborhood standards! Although, I sometimes dream of ho nice it would be to have a screened in porch with an overstuffed upholstered sofa to take a nap on...not that I even nap, but the thought IS inviting!

"the pristine utopia that is suburban New Jersey"

I'm still laughing. That comment will get me through entire day. Plus I can't believe that you've become one of *those* people!

I am more curious about your Ex driving with you from New York and stopping at a boots store for you to shop and now painting your house.

Beloved would decapitate anyone who tried to put a sofa on our (admittedly small) front porch. As for the rusty car? Since he spent a good hour removing the rusty basketball hoop from beside our driveway last week and watched with glee as someone in a pickup truck hauled it away on trash day, I'd say that's a big negatory.

And the thought of my ex doing ANYTHING for me or our children without the threat of a firing squad is simply laughable.

We hired professional painters to paint our house a couple of years ago - because hubby's afraid of heights and it would have been an impossible job with the house being a bit taller than 3 stories. But hubby also planned to paint the Summer House and the barn himself to save that money from having the painters take care of it. Still waiting for that painting party to start.

I cringe whenever I pull in our driveway, too. ;)

We used to have a godawful set of antique chairs on the front porch - complete with goldenrod cushions. Talk about clash with the new paint job. Someone from hubby's work gave them to him because his wife didn't want the atrocities to be hanging out at her house. It was my idea to move the chairs to the roadside with a ginormous 'FREE' sign attached to them. They were gone within a 1/2 hour after that - probably gracing someone else's front porch now. ;)

But could the front of our house grace a magazine cover? Definitely not since the hay bales from the Fall decorations are still prominently displayed on the front porch since hubby hasn't gotten rid of them yet. :)

I LOVE Jim's comment about greeting your mom with a paint brush...priceless!

The outside of our house looks great. But the basement? Too much crap. I would gladly throw it all away. I won't get that chance until my husband is dead, though.

I rent a carriage house from a good friend. When it needed painting, her ex came and did it. ha
We are definitely those people... old bikes (behind the garage).

I live in Northern California. So the only magazine cover I'm going to get is in Arkansas Monthly. "Can You Believe A House This Little Costs Over $1M!!!!!"

Very funny! I think there is always something we can't imagine doing when we are younger that we inevitably end up doing when we are older!

I love in rural Connecticut and such things would not be tolerated. So, no outside furniture for us. :)

here in Philadelphia we see sofas and easy chairs on porches, but the humidity and rain and snow don't allow for them to last all that long.

here in Philadelphia we chain lock old bench-style carseats to our front banister.

by "we" I mean "they". It's so normal that I never even thought to take a picture to put on my photo blog!

Too funny. Our HOA would have a field day.

Even though we live in Suburban Atlanta and what I consider the country, we do still have an HOA and therefore cannot have what SHOULD be inside furniture OUTSIDE. Also no cars on the street or driveway/yard that are not in running order. We even have to have fences and out/storage buildings approved by the HOA committee! But, still, no, my house would NOT make it on the cover of any magazine.

BTW... I had the HOA committee threaten to put a lein on my house because my window coverings in my GARAGE were not up to snuff. They thought I had sheets tacked over them when they were actually white curtains... SERIOUSLY.... I was beyond livid. I asked her if she'd like to buy me curtains to satisfy her committee and if so, I'd happily comply, until them shove it!

Well, technically, you don't have any upholstered furniture out on the porch, so....

yeah, who cares, right?

the house will get painted. At some point.

The kids have drawn all over the garage door with rainbow-hued chalk and the bushes are overgrown, ratty-looking things. And our yard? Voles ate it over the winter, unbeknownst to us, until all of the snow melted and we were greeted with a visual freakshow. Not pretty.

My porch could grace the cover of *some* magazine. Just not sure which one! We have the appropriate furniture (rocking chairs and little side table) but you'd have to look past the molding paint job (the painters used goodness knows what), the worn and tired stain on the steps and deck and the 3 inches of pollen covering everything. Ah-choo!

So you are one of those people now. I think it's very funny that you asked earnestly about he couch on the porch.

I completely remodeled our home a couple of years ago. And then I got tired and poor and quite frankly stopped caring.

So, there are little things that still aren't finished. You would love my molding old Pottery barn wicker chairs that have been in my back yard for two years. They have weathered many storms and probably crawling with mold. And the legs are lopsided. But I can't seem to replace them.

Perhaps they are a simile about me. Old and mildewy but not quite ready to throw away!

OMG LOL I had to read the post twice to make sure you didn't mean Arkansas not New "Yawrk". And Martha's Vineyard? Aren't they the snobby ones? I'm guessing the only reason the non-working cars in the yard are allowed are because they don't know they're there? And who are "they" anyway?!? THose ubiquitous people who seem to run our lives (as in "they" wouldn't like it if we had 1) upholstered furniture on the porch, 2) rusted cars on blocks in the front yard (somehow strains of "Deliverance" are running through my head!) 3) our tags are sticking up out of our shirts 4) our slips are showing and so on and so forth). Yep, those invisible "they" who have control over so much of our lives.... hehe :)

Ahhh, my Mom lived in Upstate NY, but could have fit right in a suburban NJ house. She abhorred our neighbors "eclectic" decor.

Now, I'm pretty sure I've become one of those people. There's always a project in need of being done. And never enough time or funds to do it. And you know what? I'm ok with that. I don't think my Mom's fanatacism made her any happier.

well, ours won't rock any magazine covers..but, it is neat and tidy...even more so after yesterday. Our first day out to tidy after the winter....Ohhhhh.... me hurt today.....

but, I absolutely refuse to be those people anymore... because we were those people for most of the years of my childhood. There were no less than 5 old cars in our backyard when we were kids.... on a city sized lot! Piles of dirt..because my dad dug out our basement...and then nobody bothered to haul it away. There was no grass in front ...just hard packed clay with plenty of tumbleweeds and sagebrush on it...yes...on a city lot... it was ridiculous. So..needless to say...I moved on and kept right on moving waaaay on.

Now...I have neighbours that are 'those people"...and on days when it moves beyond April...and I look out to see a huge deflated plastic Santa and some penguins... gift boxes ... and some lighted reindeer. which have long ago fallen over because they once were stuck in a snow drift and of course, even here in the northern latitudes...there is not enough snow for that... ...I call them much worse than THOSE PEOPLE!! I'm ready to stick a piece of dynamite in the stupid gift boxes and change the landscaping over there forever........

Right now, there's a pile of trash and debris by my garage, which is on the front of the house -- some fence pickets, rusted rebar stakes, a large sheet of plywood, a bag of trash, and more. It looks not-so-great, but that's just how it is when we have various projects going on.

I live in a place where "yard art" is a citywide competition. There's the occasional porch-couch and yard-car, yes, but also the mannequin leg in a flower pot and the polka-dotted grass patches. Oh, yes.

My husband likes for us to keep things looking "just so" on the outside. He couldn't care less about the inside though.

Yeah....It's letting me comment now.
Boo....The one I wrote this morning was better. I think.

Oh, who am I kidding. I can't remember what I had for lunch let alone what comments I wrote this morning!

Such a great post. I laughed out loud when I read "The house is beautifully painted. On one side." That sounds like so many houses here - hilarious!

My house is actually pretty beautiful. But it's not really mine; I just rent part of it. On the inside... um well let's just say that Martha Stewart does NOT live here. lol

We can all see each others houses on our circle and there are zoning rules/laws. First, I need to share my wife's idea on this. The neighbors should pick out your painting because they will see it more than you. (guess it doesn't apply in your case)
Former neighbors (not missed) expanded their driveway over to the property line so they could park junk between the houses. We put up shrubs.

Do you not need a passport and some sort of green card to live in Massachusetts. Surely they gave you the terms and conditions when they allowed you in. But I would NEVER have put New Jersey in along with the Swiss where if it is not verboten it's mandatory.
And and and you will not drag me down to your scrap merchant level. Leastwise I'm not tellen, you're on your own. Why the heck do you think most on this Island have net curtains even if they live miles away from anyone that can see into the house. ;)

Well, since I live in HOA Gated Hell :) where the HOA police drive their little truck down the street once a week to make note of violations, no, my stupid house is painted. I get a "friendly reminder" (not friendly) if I leave a garbage can out for a few hours.

Now the inside of my house is a different matter! And LOVE the Ex's big plans and number one son's sleeping schedule!

The upholstered couch on the porch does tend to have a hillbilly look about it, haha - just add rusted cars, a broken fence and an unfriendly dog pacing the yard. In Australia it would be called a bogan's paradise. I don't own my place; I call it the ATM because from the outside it looks like a hole in the wall. It has no street appeal whatsover. Hopefully it deters potential thieves who might not expect to find anything of value within :)

While I don't like the miscellaneous cars, trucks, tractors, equipment and all sorts of other various and sundry pieces of this, that, and the other, it's sort of the way things are here on the ranch. We keep a lot of it around because Zach's dad likes it that way. Fortunately for me, none of it is near my house, and that's how I like it.

Oh, how I long for a palace without crap lying about. Oh, how I want to walk into my house and not be assaulted by two dogs and then try like heck not to trip over the skateboard, jackets and backpacks on the floor. We don't have a garage door, so our stuff in the garage like dried up paint cans are available for view from the street. But let me tell you when I pull up to my house, I breathe a sigh of relief. I'm home, crap and all. I say you consider going artsy/mosaic and make it look like it's intentional. You've seen those photographs of trucks painted funky colors in New Mexico. I say, "Own it, girl."

I've seen many of those porch couches and wondered if I'd missed some special edition of Home and Garden.

Whew! Glad I'm not out of style with my wicker hanging chair!

Orange County is the home of the GATED COMMUNITIES. And we have rules to abide by. More rules than you can imagine, and if you don't follow the rules the Association in charge of the community can put a lien against your house.

so, my answer is no. There is no furniture on the porch. We aren't even allowed to have cars if they don't fit in the garage. This is a rule we ignore. We would, however, have a lien put against the house if it were only partially painted. They are evil ... the Association Police - as I call them.

Well I would have to say that we are sorta "those" people. No household furniture on the porch or in the yard. But there is the rusted flat bed trailer with broken boards, the rusted bbq pit on a homemade trailer and the very old and rusty patio table. Whole lot of rust going on around here. I do try to keep the hubby in check, but it isn't easy. But that is just this place, the last place was worse! Here hubby has rules he has to follow, thank goodness!!

I had to laugh at the upstate NY words. I then realized it is oh so true as I live there but no upholstered furniture on my front porch.

You did bring back a memory, though, Maureen. When in college, I converted to Catholicism. I remember the priest in charge of RCIA telling a story about one of his first groups of adults preparing for conversion. One of the people wanted to know if they had to put a bathtub in their front lawn to become Catholic. I was at a loss as the priest continued talking. Evidently, it is common in Michigan for Catholics to have a statue of the Virgin Mary in their front yards with a bathtub as a shrine area, the tub being half buried in the yard.

We don't have any broken down furniture or vehicles but there's still time to acquire some. We're not deed restricted but thankfully our neighbors are pretty clean too. Phew. Now, our garage is another story...

I don't have a porch couch, but my parents do...all kinds of stuff like that on their porch. :-) They are so "redneck" but in a good way.

Okay, if you put an old couch (or an old appliance, like say, an old washer) on your porch, I will HAVE to fly up there and have an intervention.


ps: our house had different patches of paint all over the front for about two years because Bill and I thought that we'd tackle the job ourselves. With jobs. And a toddler at the time. HA.)

Would never put a sofa on my porch. It gives the snakes here in Virginia a place to hide... under the cushions. Not happening on my front porch I can tell you that.

The Blue Ridge Gal

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