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May 19, 2010


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Oh, I'm SO guilty of the "I'm too tired or busy" bit myself. This is a wonderful reminder that *my* last chick will be going off to college in three short years (unless I can persuade him to go to a nearby university and remain at home, but that is probably wishful thinking), and I'd better not waste it. Because those three years will be gone in the blink of an eye...

My older son would come in into the room with his laptop and say look at this mom and he would show me "stuff" on the net. My younger son had never done that and I could not imagine him doing it. So I would remind myself, to always be interested in what the older one wants to share with me, because that may change.

I am happy, glad, I am glad you went to your daughter. Cool indeed.

I think that we are all guilty of being "too busy". How lovely that you and your daughter can enjoy the night together.

I am sorry to say that I'm often too busy to enjoy the little things with my kids too. Thanks for a wonderful reminder of what I'm missing.

Yes, that is an awesome image...more importantly an awesome moment with your daughter. Galdy you said yes to making memories! I wonder how many moments I've missed by saying no. Thanks for reminding me it is easy and important to say yes to the right requests.

After I returned to the US from my Peace Corps stint, I stayed with my mom and dad for a few months. My dad would call me down to the basement to help him with a project or listen to something on the radio with him and so many times, I would roll my eyes and say, "Dad! I'm READING!"

A year and a half later, he was dead of cancer. I try to remind myself of that when my husband wants my attention while I am doing something else now: Is this the last time he will ever ask me to come look at a funny photo or play with the cats or sit with him while he watches a ball game? The books can wait. People can't.

Wow! Gold Digger hit it right on the head! If that wasn't a wake up call to pay attention to the little things, I don't know what is.

I'm glad you got up and joined your daughter outside. Life happens too quickly.

I am so glad you took that special moment with her. Yes!!!


You know, I am sure my mother can relate to this post, but she rarely told me no. She still doesn't. I'm not saying I got/get whatever I wanted, but she would get up if I wanted her to see something. Sometimes she made me qualify it, but usually not so much.

How awesome. I'm glad you took the moment. Echos are really great and the ocean is one of the sweetest sounds I know. I'm happy that you get to hear it. :o) I know all about being alone and am working to enjoy more the times I get to spend with loved ones.

My youngest will leave in three and a half years.

I will remember this the next time I want to sit on my butt while Sprite wants to play Princesses. (Which will probably happen tonight.)

Oh Maureen. I feel you. I'm nearing empty nest = with one just home from college, only to leave again next week, and the other, who will leave in one year.

There is such push-pull - the need for a few moments to unwind, and the hundreds of things that are about the infrastructure that even teens never realize is there. Especially when one parent is running the household.

And yet - teens can be such a joy. And remind us just as they did when they were toddlers and little kids how new and wondrous the world can be.

Your daughter loves the ocean. How glorious. How glorious that you said yes.

The King has taken to stopping to smell ALL the flowers, literally. Each time he says, "mom stop and smell this flower" I remember to slow down and enjoy it. Great post.

Simple things do make a difference. I really enjoyed the story and learning that your daughter can be amazed by the wonders of the world. I wish more people took the time to be amazed and maybe act with the curiosity that we seem to park in some unforgotten corner.

I don't think I've ever heard anything like that. Ever. Those are the things that I think you remember. Things that just don't happen all the time but you took the time to notice. Very cool.

When my kids were little I bought a keychain decorated with a single silver polyhedron. In it was engraved the word, "Yes."

Oh I love this. And I think of this ALL the time, this need to never say "no" to my son. Because before too long he'll be grown and out of the house, and won't be asking me to say "yes" so often!

"Five minutes to myself." Some days I want absolutely nothing more! When, really, what I need is just one minute of quality time with my kiddos, listening to their laughs, like little echoes of me.

PS: Wow! Is that photo real??

I'm so glad you got up off the couch to share that moment with her. It truly is the little things.

I remember telling my mom...all the minutes she spent saying no over and over again, it could have been done already and a precious moment made.

Lucky dog. I wish we were close enough to the ocean to hear the surf. Soon it will be time to catch fireflies with Daughter #2. Enjoy!

This made me smile. Definitely worth getting out of a comfortable couch for.

*sigh* I'm so guilty of being too tired, too grouchy, too busy, or too whatever to stop and do what my kids want. I'm trying to remind myself that life is short and they are growing up so quickly.

Yes, very cool. You are such a good mom, Maureen. And a very cool one too.

Great post, Maureen. I need to remind myself to say yes to my child more often. Ack.

I'm so glad you got off that couch and went outside. This happens to me on a daily basis. I know the time is limited, it motivated me to do something I so don't have the energy to do.

But I am so glad when I do it.

It all feels a bit bittersweet.

But to hear the waves crashing! Nothing is better.

everytime Phoebe calls to me or wants me to snuggle I struggle with it b/c on the one hand I want to say no sometimes b/c i am busy but then I know that one day soon there will be no one asking. Well, not my kid there better be a guy there asking me, that is for sure

It's hard when you have something else to do and your matter the age...wants to cuddle or have you do something with them but wow is it rewarding when we break away and see what it is they want us to do with them, isn't it?! I love this post!

Thanks for the reminder to live in the present, to spend these moments (in your case and mine) enjoying our children while they are under our roofs. Why do I need to continue to be reminded of this when I spend a hell of a lot of time whining about how fast time goes? "Mom, will you drive me to the doctor?" Molly, my 21-year-old asked. "I want to take a pain med and don't want to drive." "Mo, I have so much to do...yes, of course." On the way home, I asked Molly how she was feeling. "Is the vicodin wearing off?" "I didn't take it. I decided I didn't need it," she said. "I didn't tell you because you wouldn't have driven." I opened my mouth to protest. Was she right? I don't know but you bet when she asks something of me like this again I will not hesitate to go out on the porch, like you did, and shout at the dark.

I thought I already commented on this post! ACK! :)

Very cool indeed. I bet your daughter appreciated you taking the moment as much as you did. :)

I'm glad you finally got up! Nothing out in Blogsville could compare with listening to the echo with your kid! And I know your kids will remember you as being the kind of Mom who would come out in the middle of a star filled night to listen with them, and want to be just like that.

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