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July 12, 2010


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We have to have air conditioning in Houston. It's not so much that the temps hang around the mid-90s so much that the humidity is the same. And, no basements! Makes hot flashes really uncomfortable.

When we lived in the Seattle area nobody had air conditioning but most of us had basements where we would hang out on those few days of unseasonably hot weather.

I really enjoy my air conditioner except for the fact that hubby keeps it set much colder than I like, but I really get cranky when I'm hot and sweaty! And yes, ice cream makes everybody happy!

I've dug in my heels at air conditioning, too. In a world where everyone is going "green", how much money do we waste keeping hot places cool, and cool places hot? It's silly.

Viva la pool, and the sleeveless shirts, I say.

We do whatever we normally do no matter what temperature of heat or cold... maybe we're nuts or maybe we know how lucky we are compared to millions who don't even have water, much less A/C ....we try to appreciate our days...
last Thursday it was +29C which equates to about 85 F... we golfed and man, was it hot! I was beet red in the face and finding it pretty damn toasty...but... I wasn't quitting...even if I was walking and the other golfers were riding carts. A perfect opportunity to be out there??? It'll be -30C soon enough and I'll be shovelling in 2 foot snowdrifts... gotta make hay! we only have a few months of summer weather....I'll take it no matter what it is. But, it sure is a bugger when you have a hot flash to boot when you are already feeling like you are in a blast furnace....

Your house does sound lovely and cool. No need for the A/C. Plus the temp of the Atlantic couldn't be all that warm. Send the kids to the beach!

Of course we have A/C in Florida. I really don't know how the crackers survived down here without it. But compared to past summers this one hasn't been too bad so far.

I hate A/C. Hate it. And I have mostly gotten used to living with heat: I lived for three years in the Panama Canal Zone, 17 years in Texas of which six were in Houston, aka the Staging Ground for Hell, two in Miami and eight in Memphis.

I used my A/C only a handful of times in Miami and Memphis. (Michele is right: In Houston, you just have to have it.) I'd rather turn on the attic fan, open the windows, and slow down.

But our house here (in Milwaukee) is built to preserve heat (in theory), not cold, as houses down south are. Even with all the windows open and fans going, it was pretty bad last week. We surrendered and turned on the A/C. I still might not have done it if I had been alone, but my husband works from home and it's hard to concentrate if you are dripping sweat on your keyboard.

We, too, have surrendered to the AC several days as of late - it's not so much the heat as it is the humidity, and it can get very humid indeed here in northeast Ohio in the summer.

We had central air growing up, naturally, living in Dallas and all. But my step-father put off turning it on as long as he could every year (no one likes a $300 electric bill). We also had an attic fan that ran all night; as far as I can tell, the only thing it did was keep us awake, rattling around.

OH, it's hot here, but a dry heat...God, I hate that saying.

We had an attic fan at my Grandmother's lakehouse. We would stay for the Summer's. My Dad would go off to work and come back on the weekends. It would be so hot, my Mother and I would wear only panties. One day we heard someone at the door...then trying to open the Mother grabbed a frying pan (really) and pushed me behind her. The door flew open and it was my Dad...arriving early! The two of us in panties with my Mother wielding a frying pan. He laughed and laughed...oh, the good ol' days!

It is so funny how weather patterns work. You are dying of heat and here in So Cal I have actually been cold. Yes, cold. So far this has been the mildest summer I can remember. We haven't even needed our AC.

But the weather man says that is about to change.

We have two air conditioners. On the shelf in the basement. I, too, figure that we can ride heat out, and opening all the windows at night and closing everything up in the day DOES seem to help. That said, I don't think it's as hot here as it is there. What's funny is that we went on our trip at the beginning of July because it would be less hot. HA! Record heat in VA. 101-102 degrees. Thank heavens for ocean breezes and a somewhat shady tenting area. And a fan. And cooler nights. And, well, it wasn't so bad.

I've been spoiled by this Florida mandate of air conditioning everywhere. I visited my sister in Hawaii for a week twice and they had no a/c, temps that rivaled Florida, but it never felt as hot...

the weather is something that brings the "old" out of us. Why I had to walk through snow drifts twice my size and swim upstream in the summer.

You are right everyone has a hard time realizing how nice they have it at times.

Oh one other idea. If you have a shady area put a fan up and spray some cold water with it. Just don't drip it on the motor.

plus, the brisk sea breeze and cool ocean water is footsteps away! It's very hot in Texas right now too. Even though our swimming pool is still an oasis in the summertime heat, the ambient water temperature is pretty darned warm. But that's ok, add a cold drink and I'm a happy girl.

You're right, who needs that noisy old air conditioner?!

People here in my Alaska town complained when the temperatures last week got up to 61. "When is THIS muggy weather going to break?" I heard someone say. We have had temperatures in the 50's under overcast skies for weeks. At the 4th of July parade you could see your breath. This might sound good to you sweltering folks in other places, and there are lots of advantages: 1. Not worrying about how you look in a bikini. 2. Never having to put away your winter wardrobe. 3. skin that is unlined from sun damage oh, there's more, but I don't want to gloat...Hope it cools off soon.

I totally identify with this! We don't have AC either, though honestly, we seldom need it. People think it's hot in LA, but really it's pretty temperate, pleasant all the time. But for about two weeks a year, it will be pretty damned hot during the day, and I'm always tempted to drag the old window unit out of the garage, but it's so much trouble for just two weeks, and how wimpy are we really, if we can't take a little heat! My childhood though, was lived in the outrageous Texas heat, and EVERYBODY had AC or you couldn't survive.

I do love my A/C.... but to live by the If you told me I could live by the ocean but would have to live without A/C, I think I'd take maybe...oh...a nanosecond to decide and the answer would be Oh hells yes! :)

Hello, it has been some time, I do hope that all is well. As to the concept of cool thoughts and body... "Sweet Tea "...Ice Cream... and of course Lemonade. These are all great fixes...But My favorite is of course running buck necked and taking a swim. It is highly recommended to do it at the cocktail hour....Oh what fun.

Always Bumby

My mom informed me today that, over the next couple days, we're expecting temperatures over 100 degrees. I tend to avoid weather forecasts because, well, what will be will be and all that, but I swear, when she told me, I was aghast and morphed into a whiny child. I'm going to do my best to remember this come winter...when I'm again whining about the freezing cold arctic temps!

It's been awful, hasn't it?? We never had AC growing up as well... and thankfully we have central air in our tiny place now (one benefit to apartment complex living...)
But otherwise we've been hitting the beach, playing with buckets of water on the porch, and lots and lots of popsicles.

I LIVED in the basement when I was a kid in the summer. I would live there now if our basement was finished...

I wish I lived near the water. My dream is to move to NC someday. John would like to be near Ft. Bragg.

For now, I have central air which does not seem to do much good upstairs. My kids complain how hot their rooms are. Then I realized, they have large TVs, laptop computers, Video game systems, etc. With all these electronics, no wonder their rooms are hot! I can't wait to see next month's electric bill!

Yesterday we brought our chairs out to a beach and sat and read books for our late afternoon beat the heat. There was also iced coffee.
Hate A/C - other half and I fight about it.
Would love a pool...

It has been fairly warm this side of the Atlantic also. This is the first year I went and bought a big basin -bigger than a babies bath- so I could fill it with water for the dog.
Now while she will bound about in rivers, the ballet she gets up to about stepping into the bath thing has to be seen to be believed. She tests in with her toe FGS, actually tests it. Or will put her front paws in while the rear two are perched on the edge. If ever I saw an animal that had another life, one as a lawyer, its her and her technical method of doing what she is told.

Well, in New Yawk, it's a/c all the way. With temps hovering close to 100 on many a day, we really don't have much choice. I'm loving the ceiling fans in this place, though...the combo means I can run the a/c less and the moving air somehow feels less humid.

Much better for the hair, don't-cha-know....

Well, due to my hormonic heat intolerance, I have to have air conditioning. I'm also used to a/c, and that accounts for some of the intolerance. But when I was a kid, I lived in Phoenix. We had swamp coolers. My playground was the desert. I miss swamp coolers because they offered humidity where a/c units don't. Better for your skin. Kids these days don't really know what rough is, do they? But then, we didn't know what rough was compared to our parents' experience either. Florida is hot right now, for sure, but not as hot as a lot of places, so I'm not complaining. I'm just sticking around the a/c units or the pool.

I inherited the air conditioning gene from my mother. Crank it up at the first hint of sweat! Or is it "crank it down"? I can never get that straight. At any rate, blow that cool air all around all day and all night! (Luckily for the planet, I'm offsetting my carbon footprint in other ways.)

No A/C? I'd die ... but it's very hot here most of the year.

Ashore, there are about 8-10 days a year where I really need AC. Last week had 5 of those days.
Even the boat was uncomfortable for 2 days. Opening the hatches and portholes just didn't cut it.
Off-topic: we had a visitor from MV in Mystic last week. The Black Dog schooner Alabama, ran aground off Noank. As far as I know, she is back in Vineyard Haven now.

I like the heat too. When the AC is working. Can't say I've loved the terrible thunderstorms, the gushes of water into my bathroom, and a few other inconveniences.

But it could be worse. It could be hail and locusts. And today, it's sunny!

You take me back to my days growing up in Michigan. We didn't have air conditioning, either - for those 2 weeks or so of the summer when it was "unbearably" hot. But now? I live in the south. I don't know how in the world they got along without air conditioning in the old days!

Was so happy the heat finally broke. Ran the Boilermaker in Utica, NY Sunday and heat held off til after party at the FX Matts Brewery.

I was getting up at 5 am so I could get training runs in in slightly cooler temps. HATE IT!!

I love the "You'll survive...". I find myself saying the same things to MY daughter that my mom said to me about the very same thing!

Hope the heat breaks soon! It's too hot here as well! But the lake doesn't give us quite the breeze that YOU get, so I'm a tad jealous.

I am not certain if children now realise how lucky they are. I don't know if we realise how lucky we are.

It has been such a hot summer. Even though we live in the south, I usually don't turn our AC on except a handful of days out of the year. It's been on all summer this year.
And no, our kids have no idea how blessed they are.

Just spent the last week in Atlanta. HEAT? HEAT? HEAT? I thought I would melt on the sidewalk.

Nothing beats a coastal breeze no matter how slight. I'm afraid I'm with your daughter. At least she didn't ask you to fan her.

We didn't have A/C growing up either. We lived for a while in a huge house with lots of windows and I don't remember it being unbearable. I think we have so conditioned ourselves to having A/C that our bodies have "adapted" so well that we literally can't take the heat anymore!

I can remember we were one of the few people with air conditioning when I was growing up. My grandpa couldn't hardly stand it and we would have to turn it off. I TRIED to get by without it as much as possible when my kids were smaller. I don't mind anything under 85 @ all even in MO. My oldest though would get deathly ill without ac. So we would put it in. She doesn't sweat properly or something, doctor just told us to bite the bullet and pay the electric bill. Now our central air broke, we have two BIG windows units, 3 fans, several ceiling fans and are barely surviving... but it's 98 with 100% humidity.

Send 'em up here, seven miles north of Boston. We have suffocating heat, but we also have central air. Then again, we also have my cheap, National-Grid-bill-hating self, so it all balances out.

We are soon spending a week at the beach in NC, where we're staying in a cottage that used to be un-airconditioned. We stayed in it 15 years ago with my family, aunts, uncles, grandmother. My parents stayed in the bedroom in the basement & called it "the sweat box." I remember complaining and having to really concentrate to fall asleep with the heat and sunburn. But the heat and the salt in the air seemed to cement the experience. I think of it fondly well as the times during that week we begged our mom to take us to McDonald's so we could sit in the air conditioning for a few minutes.

Oh my, Maureen, sounds like my parents: strip down to your underwear and go play in the basement! Although mine would have included a little Holocaust thrown in: Are there Nazis shooting at you? Okay, then things aren't so bad!

Today at 9 am it was already 100 degrees here. I mean I know I live in Arizona and all but give me a break!

I soo remember the days of no A/C, just fans and opened windows. I forgot folks up north have basements. I haven't seen one since I was 11.

Surprisingly enough our temps have only been teetering around the mid 90's. Too hot to do anything in the day, but in the early mornings and just before the sun goes down, is when i get things done. I have resorted to the sheet across the door, blocking off the back part of the house.

this has been the coldest summer I can remember in the 12 years I've lived here. I relate, however, having grown up in NY. We had two winder AC's and I lived in those rooms ALL SUMMER

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