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August 12, 2010


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From all reports Jon Bon Jovi is actually a really nice and thoughtful man. I'd like to think that he does remember but if he doesn't, I also like to think, it is because he has done this sort of thing a lot.

Yes, even in interview he doesn't come over as one up his own back-passage. So what you've written does not surprise me.
We have Donovan and many many more.
And you know I would not put money on his not remembering the little girl.

What a great story. I am probably the same age and Meliana, so I probably had much the same crush. I'm glad he turned out to be such a nice guy. All too often, the people we admire for their talent have nothing else about them to admire...

ps- what kind of Mom takes her kids to all these concerts??? One that ROCKS!!! You really are the best.

Yeah, mama badger, she is musically Amish :D.

Me lovva the Bon Jovi! And now I have a reason to love them even more--big hearts. Thanks for sharing this story. And now I've got Livin' On a Prayer stuck in my head! :)

What a fabulous story! I love hearing about clebrities doing good deeds on the sly and not using the media to show everyone how good they are. This is one of those rare and true moments of goodness. Thanks for sharing.

Great story! I've heard other good things about Jon Bon Jovi and I'm glad to hear more. I've always liked Bon Jovi and my husband teases me about it. I tell him it's a NJ thing and he wouldn't understand.

Plus, my husband's cousin's ex-huband grew up next door to Jon Bon Jovi in Sayerville. How many degrees of separation is that?

What a lovely story! As for me, I've been a fan for years - and so has Oldest Son, who used to beg to hear "Jon Bon Jobi" as a 3-year-old. We still tease him about that.

I served him and Richie ice cream once and they were both so sweet. I have this weird thing where I can't acknowledge famous people if I see them, even if I really love them I just treat them like I would a "regular" person (except Mel Gibson, who gets my fingers in his food...). Anyway, they were so super nice and normal and gave me a nice tip, which is rare at Baskin Robbins.

Jon did a lot of work here in Philadelphia while he was the owner of the arena football team. He seems to be a genuinely nice and caring person.

I was going to go to one of his concerts (way back when) but something happened and my friend brought me back a t-shirt. I still have it!

It's great to know that he was so thoughful and kind. Thanks for sharing this!

From everything else I've read about him, I'm pretty sure he remembers. Good people just do.
I went to his concert in 2001, I think, and just loved it. I always enjoy his songs and he's one of the few 80's rockers who could actually SING.

Love this post!
I saw our other NJ boy (Bruce) at Gillette Stadium a few years ago. Amazing.

I'm sure Bon Jovi is a good show. You are an awesome mom!

What a wonderful story. You actually just warmed my heart. Thank you. I hope you are doing OK.

Oh my goodness. You're making me re-think my anti-Bon Jovi-ness. Such a beautiful story. I love stuff like this!

What a fabulous story! (And I remember thinking he was quite the hottie. Mmmm. Nice.)

What a great story! He sounds so cool!

Great story. Brought happy tears to my eyes.

Oh, that Jon, he still makes my heart pound. And now, it's not just because of his hair but also because he's such a kind person when there are so few entertainers out there who are (or seem to be, from what we know of them).

I love that you took your kids to see Bon Jovi (or vice versa). And I love even more that your son loved it. =>

Wow, what a great story. I do have to admit that I could probably sing most of his songs...

Glad you had a rockin time, Maureen!

A friend of mine who is from Attleboro was there over the summer and went to that concert too.

They are really an amazing band, whether you like the music or not. They have been around forever and had their hands in many endeavors. I saw an "Inside the Actor's Studio" with them, and they, esp JBJ, are very very talented.

What a nice story!

What a beautiful story and Richie Sambora...yummy! I love this because Jon and Richie (we're on a first name basis) visited that little girl from their heart. They didn't do it as a publicity stunt. By the way, how was the concert? And one more thing, Jon has aged so gracefully and it's probably because of his kind heart. (Did Meliana survive?)

Thank you so much for telling this beautiful story! (You ARE one great story-teller) For some reason, it's making me cry. Maybe they are not human after all? Seeing how JBJ has not aged one bit and how his hair always stays pretty?

Not sure whether you are excited to see ANY JBJ sighting, but here is him on SNL. This short clip does not make any sense at all but it really makes me LOL every time I watch it.

Another reason to love him! Like I needed one!

I'm a cowboy..on a steel horse I ride....

sorry, he makes me wanna other stuff (-:

You should submit your post link to his web site or facebook page.
I bet he does remember that visit. Oh, did it all turn out ok for the young girl?

I'm betting that if asked, he would say that he does remember that visit. I'm doubting they've made many of those outings as they became more and more famous... you *really* have a unique connection to this band! Go, you!

Wow, I got goosebumps reading this story! It's so good to know that people who earn that much money maybe actually deserve it.

Totally a band I want to see before they retire. First tape I ever bought. I used to go on long walks in the woods screaming out along to the songs on my Walkman.

This brought tears to my eyes. I love that he came to visit that girl! I have always like Bon Jovi, but now, wow, I have so much respect for them. I love it when people use their fame and/or money to bring a little joy to people who can give nothing in return. Thanks for sharing this story. It's nice to hear about selfless acts of charity once in a while.

I love Bon Jovi too and their song Summertime is one of my favorites!

Love it! You should write JBJ and tell him your memory. I bet he DOES remember it. From what I've heard, he's really involved in charity and political causes.

I can't wait until Jude's old enough for us to take him to a concert. Maybe next time McCartney's in LA? It would thrill him to hear everybody singing Hey Jude!

Wow, what an awesome story!

It's crazy how EVERYONE in my generation seems to know the words to Bon Jovi songs like Livin on a Prayer or You Give Love a Bad Name even though he was popular before most of us were even born. It just proves how good his music is!

Hello Maureen, it is me, Lisa. One and the same :)
How are you? I am fine, I feel like I am really making progress in moving on.

Your post of Jon Bon Jovi is beautiful. He has a nice smile and boyish grin and I can imagine that he was kind and nice even when he was a young punk.

My new blog is rather personal (but aren't all our blogs personal!), but would very much like to read you and keep in touch with my friend.

What a great story. Certainly beats my reason for loving Bon Jovi...I thought that bushy haired androgynous boy was simply delicious. Nice to know he has character and compassion. Any time he comes on the radio, I am singing along. Loudly and badly, but I'm sure he wouldn't mind.

Wonderful story!

Lovely that everyone is prasing Jon, but there were two who visted, so Richie, you rock too.

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