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September 13, 2010


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I will miss you, Maureen. Of course I understand because I've been cherishing my real life all summer partly through choice and partly through sheer craziness.

I'll be here if you decide to return. And I'm always available by email.

Ah Maureen--I've been thinking about you. Contemplating emailing you yesterday to see how you have been. I so hear you. I have three days left of the 365 project, and frankly, I'm burnt out. And that's not even with trying to come up with interesting things to write, because I haven't been! I'm going to take a bit of a breather, too. Not forever--just not every day. I think, as you probably do, that REAL life needs a bit of attention these days.

Best of luck on everything. SEnd me an email if you're, oh, heading to PA and want to stop for lunch! Or even just because. I'll miss you!

Cheers, Lynn

You have a beautiful voice, one I've never actually heard.
When those stories have to come out, we're here.
I'll miss you, Maureen.

I'll miss you, too, Maureen! It's been wonderful getting to know you. I completely understand the need to get out of the virtual world and back into the real one, though. Please visit if you're ever in the neighborhood ;)

I'm glad I got the opportunity to read your work. You've got a wonderful voice, and I've enjoyed what you've shared here. All that said, I completely understand the choice you have made, and think it's a feeling that's definitely going around. I definitely have a touch of it!

While I completely understand the desire to stop blogging all together (the thought has crossed my mind on more than one occasion), I'm going to miss you more than I can say.

Keep well, my friend. Visit us when you can.

I will miss you Maureen! Very much.

I'm not going to get too sappy because I am crossing my fingers that you come back! And plus I do terrible sappy.


Hope you enjoy your autumn, I'll be thinking of you enjoying the butterflies migrating through the Vineyard in October. I'll miss reading your blog. Thanks for sharing and brightening a spot in my life.

Good luck and thanks for all the words. They were beautiful and meaningful.

Visit when you feel up to it.

We well certainly miss you.

And, who knows, maybe you'll find you miss us and come on back. I, for one, will be here if you do!

Hahahah..... I was just thinking how easily I could do the same! I hadn't posted for weeks and when I sat down to write something.... thought how simple it would be just to not bother.

With a change of weather and might be more interesting to read a few of the crafty blogs and look at what the gals and guys are up to again...but, maybe not either..... time will tell.

I'm looking at possible surgery on my left wrist and may be out of commission for up to 7 weeks... I'll probably be lurking even if not commenting in those weeks anyway...

I hope you and your family are doing alright.. well, as alright as can be under the circumstances anyway.... it all takes so much time ....

I've enjoyed reading your blog....
hugs, V.

I've enjoyed visiting here. I will keep my link to you on my site active. Just in case.

Warm wishes as you continue your journey. I hope to read you again someday. I always looked forward to your posts, which often helped me think about things in a new light, or made me smile and say, I feel exactly the same way!

Oh no! I hope it's a temporary stop. Take care of yourself. Hope to see you back soon!

Ah Maureen. I hope all goes well with your other irons in the fire. I'm somewhat in awe that blogging feels optional to you. Should you ever want to have a community of online friends, without the burden of having to post, having to organize thoughts, I recommend Twitter. I'm AmidPrivilege there, and would be happy to introduce to a group of wonderful, literary, women. Otherwise, I too will keep your blog in my reader, in case you change your mind. xox. Lisa.

Maureen - I will miss you also, it was nice getting to know you through your blog.
I'll be on the Vineyard next month and will send you a wave.

Though I am sad as I'm going to miss your posts, I understand. I've wanted to email you and ask if you were ok. I am so happy to have gotten to know you and Martha's vineyardthrough your writing. Wishing you a life of love, happiness, and peace...and still hoping you'll come back to blogging and share it all with us!

I hope that you'll come back and visit and share. It's been a true pleasure to read your words Maureen.

Please do come back, you will think of something really funny or poignant in a week or two or nine. Stay safe and enjoy........

well I've learned the longer I blog the more I'll see this. There has been at least half a dozen bloggers in just as many months that have called it quits. If it's not much fun for you then you should quit. I still like it and if I have the time I'll have the blog.

Oh, this news makes me sad. You're my favorite blogger but I always wonder how you all (bloggers) manage to keep it going. It seems a burden to me. But I have really enjoyed reading your posts, hearing about MV (where we honeymooned 15 years ago) and hearing about your life. I've often wondered how you manage to do so much. I also like knowing that you are another Jersey girl.

I'll keep the bookmark and check back on occasion in case you change your mind. All happiness to you.

Oh NO, Maureen! I was just writing something, and thought "I wonder what Maureen would think about this?" and then realized that I hadn't heard from you in a while, so checked my Google Reader to see what was up. And here I find this.

I sincerely hope that this is just a break for you. A time to process your recent loss. I believe you have a sincere and original voice here in the blog world. I always enjoy reading what you have to say, and hearing your comments on something I've written. You're an excellent writer too. I hope you know that.

I will keep you in my reader, and hope very much that you return to us soon!

Best to you always.

Oh ....
I understand but I will miss you.
I hope you'll stop by to visit now and then and let me know how you are!

I do understand... these things take on a life of their own sometimes. I've been keeping a low profile myself - life does get in the way, eh?

I'm keeping you on my blogroll just in case. Maybe we'll both jump back in at about the same time...

Be well, and keep in touch. xoxo

Sometimes I post sometimes I don't but I definitely miss my bloggy friends and I will miss you if you stop altogether. But I understand and wish you well on your journey! It was great to get to know you a bit!

I'll miss you--and be here if/when you decide to return. Best of luck!

Oh no! Just when I discovered your blog! I hope things go well for you. And selfishly, I hope you will come back soon. I really enjoy your posts. You are a talented writer.

Thank you Maureen. You were my first non-family, non-friend person to comment on my blog. You gave me the bBeautiful Blogger award and for these I will be forever grateful and now someone I consider a friend. I wish you the very best, and can't wait to read your novel. Take care.

I'll miss you, but I totally understand!

You said "for now". So I assume you will resume blogging some time? When you do, please let me know! I will miss your voice. Some hugs for the road: (((hugs)))

this makes me sad. please keep in touch. you will be missed.


I've missed you so much the past few months and am so sad to hear about your break. But it will be a break, right? I hope you are well. I hope you are finding time to breathe and enjoy. And I so, so hope you'll be back in Blog World soon. You're one of my favorite neighbors!

Wow. Everyone's responses are so mature. Mine shall not be.

Oh, please! I know I said to do what you HAD to do but I didn't think you'd really GO! No, No, No. I simply forbid you hear me?

We've all been busy...we've all been there...this is just a'll pass. You'll be back. You HAVE to come back.

(Sniff.) You just HAVE to.


I am with LPC, will keep your reader spot open.

Always, Bumby

I'll miss you, Maureen! I do hope you'll bop in from time to time. Your wisdom and humor always make my day. And when/if you decide to roar again, I'll be here!

Don't let this sunset be a final.... It's too beautiful, as are you.

I've been such a sporadic blogger this last year that I missed this post. I understand your need for a break, but hope you return at least part time when you feel the urge. I will miss you, but you know where to find me.

Already missing your posts. Hope the break is wonderful, however long it may be.

Thinking of you from this part of Mass.

Just when I come back to blogging, you leave! Sigh. :)

But I totally understand the way you're feeling. I hope your new adventures bring you enjoyment and peace.

I'll miss you!

Well it took me long enough to read this post, and it makes me sad. I know people have their reasons for not blogging anymore, but it makes me sad nonetheless.

Well then...I've been struggling with blogging myself, although I haven't called it quits yet, I've been close. I'm sorry to see you go, but I won't unsubscribe just yet. You could always change your mind. ;)

I've been wondering why I haven't gotten any updates from you in my inbox! Obviously I should have checked over here earlier...but you know, I'm blonde. ;)

You will be (and are) missed, my friend. Hope all is well - and that you find your way back when you're ready to. ((HUGZ!!))

I wondered why I haven't seen anything from you lately. I'm playing major catch up here. I sure do hope you come back at some point. I miss reading you!

Well, it certainly takes me a while to catch on, eh?

I hope that you've been well and happy.

Hey stranger... just thought I'd check in and see how you're doing up there. Hope all is well and maybe we'll see some blog posts from you or me someday down the line.

I was just thinking I hadn't heard from you in some time and I was right. I hope all is well and you have a great holiday. I do miss your voice.

Maureen I an so happy to find you on Fab over 50!!

Come and enter my Giveaway from My Sparrow, you will love it!

Joyeaux Noel!

Art by Karena

Hey Maureen! I hope everything is good with you and that you have a great Christmas!

Just thought of checking in on an old blog (hmm that could be worked into a good expression)
Hope everything is well for you and your family. Since it's too cold and snowy outside you should write a good post to share.
take care

are you well??

Just thinking of you. Wondering how you are doing.

Always checking to see if you might possibly come back. Am not a blogger, just a retired 75-year old real estate broker -- found your blog by accident -- but always read you. I guess I'm a stalker, but a well-meaning one. Will keep checking.

so quiet over here you can hear your own comment.

Ha! I just come back and you're out the same door :)) Sayonara, buddy...:))

You will definitely be missed! Hope everything is well for you and your family. Hugs...

Just browsing the blog graveyard. I hope I didn't disturb anyone. all the best

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